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Super Bowl Second Half Open Thread: Patriots 10, Giants 9

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After a rocky start from the Patriots, the judges will give the second quarter to the AFC champions. They take a 10-9 lead into the locker room in what has to be one of the faster first halves in recent Super Bowl memory.

All is certainly not lost for the Giants. DE Jason Pierre-Paul is making a bid to become the first defensive player to be named Super Bowl MVP since Ray Lewis in 2002, and is the only one ever to look about as fast as Lawrence Taylor's character in Tecmo Bowl (including Taylor).

Patriots QB Tom Brady led his team on a Super Bowl record-tying 96-yard drive to get the Patriots in the end zone at the end of the first half for the lead. Their defense looked very shaky early, blowing multiple tackles and struggling in coverage.

The Giants missed a few opportunities to really put the Patriots in a tough spot, but struggled with converting first downs.

This one looks like it'll be a classic, so outside of robbing your girlfriend's Giants-supporting party of all their booze (like Seton Hall and Steelers is), do what you need to do to lock in for a season-ending beauty of a finish.