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Steelers Expected to Announce Hiring of Todd Haley as Offensive Coordinator

Reports are emerging, initially by Mark Carmen of 610 AM in Kansas City, Todd Haley will join Mike Tomlins staff as the Steelers offensive coordinator.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen has since confirmed Carmen's tweet, and Adam Schefter said the Steelers "plan to hire" Haley. The Steelers have not yet confirmed this on their web site, however.

Haley has shown a prowess for directing both successful passing offenses (Arizona) and running offenses (Kansas City), and is known for his creativity and football acumen.

Others have cited concerns with potential personality conflicts, after incidents in which Haley is seen yelling at his players on the sideline, only to have them yelling right back at him.


As it is, he will replace Bruce Arians as Tomlin's offensive coordinator, only the second person Tomlin has brought in for the position.

In what must have been one of the more sought-after offensive coordinating positions in the NFL this season, Haley takes over the reins of an offense that saw its quarterback (Ben Roethlisberger) and two receivers (Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown) in the Pro Bowl in 2011.

Despite individual talent, the unit struggled, particularly in the red zone, and will need someone who can lead them out of the bottom third of the league's scoring offenses.

The first attention Haley and Tomlin are likely to spend is on the Steelers' banged-up offensive line. It's likely the Steelers will draft a few offensive linemen, as depth will be at a premium.

The development of a more all-around focused ground game has been requested from the Steelers' front office, and they're likely to have to do it without RB Rashard Mendenhall for at minimum part of training camp after Mendenhall tore his ACL in the team's final regular season game.

The challenges are ahead of the Steelers' offense, but if fixed, this team could be in position to be either the Giants or the Patriots of the 2012 season.