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Report: Bears TE Kellen Davis to Visit Pittsburgh in Free Agency Trip

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The Steelers let TE Matt Spaeth walk in free agency last season, and he signed with the Chicago Bears.

Now, a Bears castoff tight end allegedly will be stopping in Pittsburgh for a visit, along with trips being scheduled to Dallas and Cincinnati, according to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio.

UPDATE: Pittsburgh Tribune Review writer Scott Brown tweeted "Steelers may have interest in TE Kellen Davis but I'm told a visit has yet to be scheduled."

Kellen Davis played four years for the Bears after being picked up in the fifth round of the 2008 draft from Michigan State.

Used mostly as a blocker in Mike Martz's offense, Davis played substantially more than Spaeth did in Chicago, and despite just 18 catches, he led the Bears' anemic receiving corps with five touchdowns.

That's three more touchdowns than a more well-known tight end named Kellen. Remember him?

At 6-foot-7, 262 pounds, his size seems like an advantage, but with the combination of former Bears TE Greg Olsen's presence followed by Martz's non-TE friendly offense, Davis simply may not have gotten a chance to showcase anything further than just in-line blocking.

Not that he'd necessarily get the chance in Pittsburgh, but a guy who catches a touchdown one out of every 3.6 catches is likely adept at catching passes inside the 10 yard line.

With a new offensive coordinator in place, perhaps any Steelers tight end may see the ball thrown their way in the red zone. It may be Davis.