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Steelers FS Ryan Clark Bashes Duke Via Twitter, Suspension Now In Order

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In the most egregious display of opinionated rhetoric, Steelers FS Ryan Clark (Public Enemy No. 25) recently crossed all lines of decency.

But this time, it was a shot at a teammate. Sort of.

Putting class aside, Clark had the nerve to point out to Steelers TE Weslye Saunders, a fan of Duke University, its basketball team had lost to No. 15 seed Lehigh in the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

And Clark even went out of his way to point out he "liked Duke" at one point, but his reveling in the misery of Saunders, apparently a fan of the Blue Devils, shows just how tasteless Clark is.

It started with Saunders' Tweet, stating emphatically there was a No. 2 seed in the NCAA tournament that wouldn't lose, and that was Duke.

After Lehigh upset Duke 65-60, Clark added insult to Saunders' injury:

Oh the humanity.

Saunders pleads with Clark to stop the merciless attacks, but Clark continues on, kicking babies and puppies in third world countries while he rips into Saunders, Duke and the American Way of Life.

The crisis Clark started forced Internet hacks writing from basements all over the world to take Clark to the shed, writing their standard "I follow Twitter and Ryan Clark is Trending" boilerplate story.

Meanwhile, we follow such culturally important trends on Twitter, like "#ReplaceMovieNameWithExam" and "#SyncWithTwitter."

Clark ended his weekend with a slightly less offensive Tweet, summarizing our need to constantly berate him like the outstanding societal watchdogs we are.

I just don't understand who this man thinks he is.