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Welcome to Behind The Steel Curtain's YouTube Channel

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Thank goodness for Neal Coolong, Anthony Defeo, Ivan Cole, Rebecca Rollet and all of you who have kept Behind The Steel Curtain humming at full speed. As for me, I've been MIA. Why? Well, I've relocated to New York City to work full time on SB Nation's new foray into video.

My job in particular, as one of a six-year tenured veteran of this network, has been to lead and manage the blogger component of our bold video initiative. That's meant getting a bunch of bloggers to agree to be on camera, purchasing, assembling, distributing and training a wide range of editors to negotiate high quality gear and take a part of their editorial coverage from print to video. It's been enormously fun moving up here to NY and leading this charge. So, naturally, I'll be a part of this blogger roll out.

I haven't had a second to breathe, let alone write and check in with Steeler Nation here. Thankfully things seem to be chugging along well. But, being that I'll be managing and working with at least 150 of our network's editors and/or contributors over the course of this year, obviously I best immerse myself as well as we make this bold new plunge into the medium of the future.

Because I work side by side with our studio's incredible roster of talent, I'll be able to bring you fun, well-produced stuff throughout the year. But just know, the only reason I'm not grinding away and yucking it up like I have the past six years, is the simple fact that I've been blessed with this new gig.

More soon.