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Rooney: 'Sooner the Better' on Long Term Deal for Wallace

No news is good news in SteelerNation.

And there is no news.

Tribune-Review writer Scott Brown hit up Steelers president Art Rooney II for his thoughts on the progress of free agency, and the most one could glean from it is a subtle shot at the representatives of restricted free agent Mike Wallace. When asked about the progress of reaching a long-term deal, Brown quoted Rooney as saying "the sooner the better as far as we're concerned, but there are two parties to it."

This comes amid speculation from a Sacramento Bee report that Wallace informed the San Francisco 49ers, upon an inquiry about the kind of contract he's looking for, he wanted a deal similar to Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerld, which was reportedly eight years, and $120 million.

Wallace implied the information was false via Twitter:

But that's neither here nor there. Other teams have until April 20 to sign Wallace and other restricted free agents to an offer sheet.

The lack of a long-term deal for Wallace is possibly the reason why the Steelers have not signed any of their free agents, particularly WR Jerricho Cotchery or even RB Mewelde Moore.