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BTSC 2012 Community Mock Draft -- Final Selection List and Instructions

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Many thanks to all of you who jumped in and offered to participate in this year's edition of the BTSC Community Mock Draft. Like always, there's an interesting mix of old and new that have jumped on board for this year's iteration, and I'm eager to see what everyone can put together. A couple of quick notes and an FAQ before we get to the final list of participants.

NOTE: We will only be selecting the first round this year, not a complete seven rounds. You can not make your selection until you have learned exactly who the teams before you are selecting, and you have to pick who you want when it is your turn -- don't send me a list of players that you think would be good picks, and then leave it up to me to make the actual pick. If we roar through the first round incredibly fast (not betting on it), we might do a second round. But for now, just plan on making one pick, one write up based on who's been selected before you. Thanks.

Would you like an email reminder when you're on the clock?

  • The only way you can get an email reminder from me for when you're on the clock is if you send me ( an email stating your BTSC screen name, the team you're picking for, and how sad you are (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being seriously sad panda) that Daniel Sepulveda probably isn't going to be punting for us next year.

How do you submit your pick?

  • Please submit your picks to me via email to I will then promptly publish for you and give you proper attribution for your efforts. If you'd like to include a picture or videos, please send me the URLs of which images/videos you'd like and I will insert them.
What kind of write up is a good write up?

  • Put together something that you're satisfied with, and it'll be fine by me. You can make your write up as short or as long as you'd like, just try not to shortchange us in showing the reasoning behind your selection. It's always good to include an assessment of your team's needs, to show an awareness of your team's recent draft history, and to establish why your selection is the best choice on the board in your opinion (haters may hate, but this is all about what YOU think would be best for your team). If you've got the time, browse through what we put together in last year's community mock draft, and you should get a gauge on which kinds of write ups you like and which ones left a little bit to be desired.

How quick do you need to be in putting together your pick and write up?

  • Don't feel like you have to get me your pick too quickly once it's your turn to select - we're looking for quality here and you can't always rush that. But also don't let more than, say, 24 hours pass by before making your pick, if at all possible. If 24 hours pass by while you're on the clock and I haven't heard from you, I may just make your pick myself to move this thing along. We've got just under 30 days to make 32 picks, and we won't finish before the draft (April 26) if everyone takes a full solar day to make their pick.

The Indianapolis Colts are on the clock, and Neal Coolong has the pick. Final team selection list is as follows:

  1. Indianapolis Colts - Neal Coolong
  2. Washington Redskins (via St. Louis) - BlueLoneWolf
  3. Minnesota Vikings - crosby87
  4. Cleveland Browns - _ET_
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - FLsteelhead
  6. St. Louis Rams (via Washington) - Hines4theHall
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars - Ben Balesverger
  8. Miami Dolphins - MiamiSteelersFan
  9. Carolina Panthers - WolfpackSteelersFan
  10. Buffalo Bills - Cannon36
  11. Kansas City Chiefs - Steel in FL
  12. Seattle Seahawks - Riddlah.
  13. Arizona Cardinals - Steel34D
  14. Dallas Cowboys - Mike Frazer
  15. Philadelphia Eagles - LV Steelers Fan
  16. New York Jets - steelers1963
  17. Cincinnati Bengals (via Oakland) - seton hall and the steelers
  18. San Diego Chargers - BluegrassSteeler
  19. Chicago Bears - Readarmon0
  20. Tennessee Titans - Dcarter
  21. Cincinnati Bengals - seton hall and the steelers
  22. Cleveland Browns (via Atlanta) - _ET_
  23. Detroit Lions - JDSpartan
  24. Pittsburgh Steelers - maryrose
  25. Denver Broncos - Ram_india
  26. Houston Texans - jacquavivajr
  27. New England Patriots (via New Orleans) - VinnySteel
  28. Green Bay Packers - barnerburner
  29. Baltimore Ravens - Mr MaLoR
  30. San Francisco 49ers - c63tho
  31. New England Patriots - VinnySteel
  32. New York Giants - Pittsblitz56