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The World As Seen Through Steelers TV

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A nation deserves to have its own television network, right? Wouldn’t it be great if instead of having to tolerate the likes of ESPN or the NFL Network you tune in or TiVo to a channel that looked at the world from the prospective of the Pittsburgh Steelers? That fantasy has occurred to me from time to time. It took hold again when I was watching Ike Taylor do a guest spot for NFL Total Access on Tuesday night.

That was when I realized that there were enough current and former Steelers with on air experience to provide a foundation of a staff of analysts/pundits to make a Steelers Network work. Would you be interested in following this talent?

Terry Bradshaw (Fox studio analyst), Bill Cowher (CBS studio analyst), Tony Dungy (NBC studio analyst), Merrill Hoge (ESPN pundit), Jerome Bettis (former NBC studio analyst), Rod Woodson (former NFL Network studio analyst), Hines Ward, Ryan Clark, Joey Porter, Ike Taylor and Antonio Brown. A sampling of others with great on air potential: Troy Polamalu, Baron Batch, Myron Rolle, Joe Greene and Isaac Redman (Who wouldn’t tune into a program featuring Isaac Redman?).

This would be a group that would pull few punches, would be funny (whether they intended to or not) and wouldn’t give a damn about political correctness. They would also be informed, insightful and accurate. In addition, STN would feature the following unique programming.

The Chairman. Dan Rooney talks football, international politics, swaggin’ and exchanges fist bumps with host and personal favorite Ike Taylor.

Straight Talk with Joey and Deebo. In this PTI rip-off, Joey Porter and James Harrison give their take on the issues of the day. Imagine what these two would have to say about the following topics: Roger Goodell, Tim Tebow, Joe Flacco, Roger Goodell, the New England Patriots, Stand Your Ground legislation, the Cleveland Browns, Roger Goodell, the Cincinnati Bengals, Colt McCoy, Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Ravens, fans who run on the field, (what they would do if locked in a room with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and a 2x4), and much, much more. Guest host, Ryan Clark.

Tailgates and Buffets with Casey Hampton and Jerome Bettis. Is any further explanation necessary?

Faith and Meditation with Tony Dungy and Troy Polamalu. Inspirational and contemplative fare from two of the most spiritual Steelers. Taped at the monastery at Saint Vincent.

Introduction to Anger Management with Bill Cowher, James Harrison and Joey Porter. Saliva and profanity will be flying as this crew tries to contain their tempers.

Personnel Matters. Kevin Colbert and Bill Nunn discuss scouting, draft picks and free agents with host Joe Greene.

The Standard is the Standard. A revolving panel analyses Mike Tomlin news conferences with an emphasis on in depth interpretation of Tomlinisms.

Labor Day. Ryan Clark and Charlie Batch host this weekly rundown of union related issues.

Why We Play Football. Bad singing and even worse dancing from hosts Terry Bradshaw, Hines Ward and Antonio Brown, plus an endless parade of football players who should keep their day jobs.

Forever Young. Dick LeBeau shares tips on healthy living and zone blitzes with host Rod Woodson.

The Life of Isaac. Reality show featuring the everyday exploits of Isaac Redman.

Steelers Jeopardy. Test your knowledge of general and sports Pittsburgh themed lore with host Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle.

How Many You Got? Highlights individual and team achievements of the Pittsburgh franchise. Hosted by Joe Greene and Hines Ward.