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Final Countdown of the 4th Annual Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament

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This is your friendly reminder that there are five hours left to vote in Sean's 4th Annual Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament!

I don't know how we did in previous years of this tournament, aside from the obvious - we did not win.

I don't know if our collective interest was lacking in tournaments past, or if we were not efficient and/or effective in our efforts to promote it. Quite frankly, it doesn't matter. The past is the past.

What I do know, is that BTSC's virtual trophy cabinet is bare.

What I do know is that we have all taken great interest in rectifying that this year.

So let's win this one - for Michael Bean!

As you know, BTSC's esteemed founder and editor has moved onward and upward to exciting adventures with SBN's new YouTube channel and hasn't had as much time to devote to BTSC recently. But it's been his tireless work since February 3, 2006 that has built BTSC up into the best Steelers blog and community that you can find anywhere.

That we are the best Steelers blog and community around is just an opinion. A notion. An assertion.

But I think we all share it.

Here in the finals of the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament, we have an arena in which we can try to back up that statement.

We can do it!

We have a fine roster of contributors that have admirably come together to hold down the fort. But perhaps more importantly, we have an incredible, active community of readers - all of YOU - that is what truly sets BTSC apart from the rest of the field.

At the moment, we are winning this championship matchup with Pitt Script. It's actually not even close right now. We could possibly sit back and coast to a victory. Or we could see how close we can come to matching our 933-vote performance back in Round 2, and put a proper exclamation point on our tournament run!

To me, this tournament has never been about asserting some "internet superiority" over any given opponent. This thing began with a field of 32 great Pittsburgh blogs - we have plenty in common with them (some of us are readers of a few of them as well) and we shouldn't necessarily have anything against them, even if one happens to be our opponent in a given round.

To me, this tournament has been about seeing how well BTSC can come together as group. To me, this tournament has been about seeing what we can do when we're all pulling in the same direction towards an attainable goal. How many of us are going to vote in a simple poll, round after round, week after week?

Let's find out if we peaked in Round 2, or if the best is yet to come.

This tournament is dedicated to Michael Bean, so let's show him exactly what his years of effort have made here!

Let's bring this thing home for him!