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Peyton Manning Released By the Colts After 14 Seasons

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The Steelers weren't the only team that was forced to make a tough decision on one of their legends.

After months of speculation, the Indianapolis Colts announced the release of Peyton Manning after 14 seasons.

After he was selected with the number one overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft, Manning quickly put the Colts back on the map after many downtrodden seasons, and he would soon become the face of the NFL with his many endorsements.

Manning, who passed for over 50,000 yards and 399 touchdowns while in Indy, was a four-time league MVP and helped lead the Colts to their first NFL Championship since Super Bowl V--and first since relocating to Indianapolis in 1984--with a victory in Super Bowl XLI.

Manning missed the entire 2011 season because of neck surgery and would have been due a $28 million signing bonus had he played the 2012 season with the Colts.

The move spells the end of an era in Indianapolis, and the team is expected to pick Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the number one pick in April's draft.

Manning, 35, has expressed an interest in playing again and will seek free agent offers from other teams.