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Steelers and Jerricho Cotchery Reportedly Reach a Deal

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According to Manish Mehta, Jets beat writer for the New York Daily News, Jerricho Cotchery has just inked a two-year contract with the Steelers. Other teams who showed interest in Cotchery during free agency were the Rams, the Chiefs, and the Jets.

In the greater scheme of things this probably isn't a huge deal, but I for one am seriously pleased.

Cotchery began the season last year on the sidelines, as he injured a hamstring during the first preseason game, and he didn't play until the fourth game of the season. He started slowly, mainly contributing on special teams, but gradually worked into the rotation as Hines Ward seemed to slow down. Cotchery ended the season with 16 receptions, an average of 14.8 yards/catch, and two touchdowns. The majority of these stats came in the last month.

He is almost certainly going to be behind Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown on the depth chart, assuming Wallace ends up on the Steelers. But I believe Cotchery offers a middle-of-the-field safety net of the sort Hines Ward always provided for Ben Roethlisberger. Furthermore, he brings considerable experience, character and leadership potential to the youngest offense in the NFL. I believe this is a signing which will serve the Steelers well down the stretch. Welcome back to Pittsburgh!