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A Step Taken Toward an Expansion of Heinz Field

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The open end of Heinz Field could get less open.

Someone call Kris Brown.

According to Mark Belko of the Post-Gazette, the Allegheny County Sports & Exhibition Authority board - the owners of Heinz Field - has passed a resolution to plan the expansion, a step necessary for the Steelers to bring the proposal in front of the NFL.

That would suggest the Steelers could be going to the league for funding for the project, but the report mentions the possibility of ticket surcharges and the dreaded personal seat licensing as sources of funding.

The expansion would be approximately a four percent increase in the stadium's overall capacity. While this is pure commentary, the Steelers - like the Giants and Jets - have pushed to possibly host a Super Bowl at some point in the future. MetLife Stadium will host Super Bowl XLVI in February, 2013. MetLife Stadium, however, holds over 82,000, and with the upgrade, Heinz Field would hold just north of 68,000.

Adding additional seats to the open end would cut off at least part of the best attribute of Heinz Field - the inside view to the surrounding area. While it wouldn't entirely diminish the whole experience, it does seem, in my useless opinion, a bit unnecessary.

Then again, maybe the additional money could help fund future contracts. Always a good thing.