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Steelers Set to Unveil Throwback Jerseys for 80th Anniversary Season

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In what's likely to be many commemorative 80th anniversary celebrations for the Steelers franchise this season, they've announced (or at least just told Pro Football Talk) they will unveil a new throwback jersey for the 2012 season.

The formal announcement is expected to come today, but obviously, that won't stop us from speculating on what, exactly, those jerseys will look like.



You probably recognize the top row, second from the left, as the Steelers' choice for their throwback jerseys of the past few years. If that will change this season, In my mind, it's a no-brainer. They should go "Batman." The third from the left, popularly known as the "Batman" jerseys due to the seemingly unintentional appearance of wings across the shoulders, was worn in the late 60s, with the old-school gray facemask going on what would end up being their classic helmet design.

Considering it's the team's 80th anniversary, it seems to make sense they go with what they wore when the franchise was in its first year, in 1933. The rugby-style full-sleeve jersey with a crest that historians don't quite have a match for.

The Batman-style jerseys, though, appear to be the simplest to make, and the most topical. The last installment in the latest Batman movie series, The Dark Knight Rises, was filmed on location in Pittsburgh, and involves Heinz Field, and a football team that, not surprisingly, looks a lot like the Steelers.