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NFL 2012 Schedules to Be Released on ESPN at 7 p.m. ET Tuesday

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ESPN reporter Adam Schefter tweeted Tuesday morning the league is set to unveil the schedule for all 32 teams on a three-hour special on ESPN tonight.

While each team already knows their opponents (for the Steelers, it's two games against Baltimore, Cincinnati and Cleveland, along with home games with Philadelphia, Washington, San Diego, the Jets and Kansas City, and away games at Dallas, Tennessee, Denver Oakland and the Giants.

There was some speculation that Pittsburgh will begin its 2012 season where the 2011 season ended - in Denver. It could be on Sunday Night as well, and it would make it the third consecutive year the Steelers opened the season against a team with a winning record the previous season, and the second in a row on the road.

The Steelers defeated the Falcons without QB Ben Roethlisberger to start the 2010 season, but were crushed by host Baltimore in the 2011 opener. Denver, with a revamped offense (read: a quarterback, Peyton Manning, who can throw the ball), will no doubt be a tough opponent for Pittsburgh, regardless of where and when the game is played.

With a slew of popular teams on the schedule, the Steelers also figure to rake in a few primetime games in 2012. They played four primetime games last season - two on Sunday Night (at Indianapolis and vs. Baltimore), one on Monday Night (at San Francisco) and one on Thursday Night (vs. Cleveland). They've played a Thursday Night game each year since its inception in 2006.

Stick around BTSC this evening, we'll have full coverage and analysis of the Steelers' 2012 schedule, providing a nice distraction to those of you (us) still grinding out your (our) tax returns under deadline.