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Report: Steelers Will Open Season On Sunday Night Football At Denver

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Post-Gazette Reporter Gerry Dulac tweeted Tuesday evening the Steelers will be Denver's first opponent with Peyton Manning under center.

Speculation had been going around for a few weeks regarding the possibility of the Steelers opening the season where they ended it, and it now is official.

This will allow the media nearly five full months of informing readers, viewers and listeners that FS Ryan Clark will not play, and that Tim Tebow 1.) was quarterback when the Broncos beat the Steelers in the playoffs, and 2.) Tebow is no longer with the Broncos.

Given the fact Manning hasn't played a game since the 2010 playoffs (a loss to the Jets), it will be interesting to see how he looks. Conventional thinking suggests he'll take to it again like a duck takes to water, because he's a football machine, but even machines get rusty.

Either way, the Steelers have a so-so record against Manning-led teams, and probably a worse record in Denver.

As Coach Tomlin has paraphrased from The Bible, iron sharpens iron. It will definitely be a good way to see what kind of team Pittsburgh will be in 2012.