Pre-Draft Visits: Why You Should Pay Attention (2012 Edition)

If you guys weren't here last year I did post on Pre-Draft visits and why you should pay attention to the later round guys. I correctly predicted that Marcus Gilbert and Cortez Allen would be drafted by the Steelers. In that post I showed that the Steelers don't often draft the guys they bring in as first round prospects but the later round usually had a visit before they were drafted. If this didn't make sense let's look at last years Pre-Draft visits. I will include the player, position, college and round. I will also bold the guy that were on the Steelers roster in training camp.

In State Visits- These do not count against the 30 visits, and in my analysis I found the Steelers don't usually draft or sign the guys from in state essentially when I will look at this year prospect I will remove them from the decision process.

Official Visits-

Kendrick Ellis- NT, Hampton-

2nd round Vincent Brown, WR San Diego State- 7th round

Marcus Gilbert, OT Florida- 2nd Round

Wes Saunders, TE South Carolina- UDFA

James Carpenter, OT Alabama-

1st Round Davon Morgan, S Virginia Tech- UDFA

Jarriel King, OT South Carolina- UDFA

Aaron Williams, CB Texas- 2nd round

Ras-I Dowling, CB Virginia- 2nd Round

Curtis Brown, CB Texas- 3rd round

Da'rel Scott, RB Maryland- 7th Round

Rodney Hudson, G Florida State- 2nd round

Cortez Allen, CB Citadel- 4th Round

Cameron Jordan, DE California- 1st round

Austin Pettis, WR Boise State- 3rd round

Taiwan Jones, RB East-Carolina- 4th round

Zach Clayton, DT Auburn- 7th round

Buster Skrine, CB UCT- 5th round

Phil Taylor, DT Baylor- 1st round

Denarius Moore, WR Tennessee- 5th round

Marcus Cannon, OT TCU- 5th round

Mario Harvey, ILB Marshall- UDFA

Keith Williams, OG Nebraska- 6th round

Curtis Marsh, CB Utah State- 3rd round

Johnny Patrick, CB Louisville- 3rd round

Julius Thomas, TE Portland State- 4th round

Anthony Gray, DT Southern Mississippi- UDFA

Greg Little, WR North Carolina- 2nd

Edmond Gates, WR Abliene Christian- 4th round

Corbin Bryant, DT Northwestern- UDFA

There were eight prospects that the Steelers brought in that were on their training camp roster. None were in the first round. 4 were UDFA. That is a good amount. Now lets look at the Pre-Draft visits this year I will not include the 1st round prospect as I will not be projecting them. I will also not include the instate visits as the Steelers don't tend to draft or sign them.

2012 Pre-Draft Visits- (Excluding In-state and first round prospects)

T.Y. Hilton, WR FIU- (4th-5th round)

Michael Egnew, TE Missouri- (3rd-4th round)

Derek Wolfe, DE Cincinatti- (4th-5th round)

LaMichael James, RB Oregon- (3rd-4th round)

Brandon Brooks, OG Miami Ohio- (2nd-3rd round)

David Paulson, TE Oregon- (7th-UDFA)

Keith Tandy, CB Wext Virginia- (6th-7th round)

Amini Silatolu, OG Midwestern- (2nd round)

Jerell Harris, OLB/ILB Alabama- (7th-UDFA)

Herbron Fangupo, NT Bringham Young- (5th rd.)

Isiah Pead, RB Cincinnati- (2nd-3rd round)

Jeremy Jones, CB Wayne State- (7th-UDFA)

Bobby Massie OT, Mississippi- (2nd round)

Cam Johnson, OLB Virginia- (3rd-4th round)

Akiem Hicks, DT Regina- (5th-6th round)

Toney Clemons, WR Colorado- (7th round-UDFA)

Michael Kendricks, LB California- ( 2nd-3rd round)

Keshawn Martin WR Michigan State- (7th-UDFA)

John Hughes, DT Cincinnati- (7th-UDFA)

Ladarius Green, TE La-Lafayette- (3rd-4th round)

Mitchell Schwartz, OT California- (3rd round)

Kelvin Beachum, OG Southern Methodist- (7th round-UDFA)

Adrien Robinson, TE Cincinnati- (7th-UDFA)

Greg Childs, WR Arkansas- (3rd round)

So there is the Pre-Draft visits. History tells us to look at the later round prospects for who will be on the roster come early August. Next to determine the who might be on the roster you need to look at who is a Steelers type player. This means do they provide value at multiple positions, are they a blue collar player with a good motor are they at a position that the Steelers need depth at. Another tell in the past was if Mike Tomlin attended the prospects Pro Day. However this year either they are that undecided or Tomlin is really interested in some prospects.Once again I am going to choose three prospects who I think will be wearing the Black and Gold guaranteed.

Brandon Brooks, OG Miami Ohio- the 6'5" 346lbs Brook his a nasty drive blocker who has the power and size the Steelers love. He is a dancing bear on the field meaning despite his size he plays lighter on his feet. Once consider only a third round prospect I think the Steelers draft him much like they did Marcus Gilbert last year. A Good Tell is that the Steelers worked him out at Miami Ohio Pro Day where he knocked down a newly hired coach with his hand punch. Then they brought him in for a visit and he fits their O-line mold. Brooks is going to be a Steeler and I wouldn't be surprised if it is in the 2nd round.

Keith Tandy, CB West Virginia- Mike Tomlin attended West Virginia Pro Day, talked to Tandy their and then they invited him for a pre-draft visit. Not to mention Tandy is a slot corner who is a good tackler and can be converted to FS. THe 5'10 197lbs Tandy would be a great player to bring in after losing William Gay. He can play special teams and adds another guy who can cover in the slot because currently only Curtis Brown is a slot corner in their DBs.

Kelvin Beachum, OG Southern Methodist University-

The 6'3" 303lbs Beachum has an explosive element in his game. He has a wide lower body and is very coordinated pulling. He is a former LT who is too small to play OT in the NFL which seems to be the Steelers MO when bringing in interior linemen. It remains to be seen whether Beachum can be more than that but the Steelers will bring him in as a UDFA.

That is who I think will be a Steeler in the 2012 training camp. Who do you believe will be on the Steelers roster as a rookie in training camp? (Share in comments below)

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