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Final 2012 NFL Seven Round Mock Draft

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On the eve of the draft, here is one final all-rounds mock draft. Highlighting the picks in rounds 1 and 2, but each pick is made here in wake of Thursday's first round selection show.

1. Indianapolis (2-14) – QB, NT, OG, 2CB, WR, SS, TE, Rush LB, ILB, RB – Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

We already know this one, and are 99.9 percent certain of No. 2. The Colts flirted with the idea of selecting Robert Griffin but ultimately made the right decision in taking Andrew Luck. Luck has Cam Newtons athleticism and Aaron Rodgers arm so as long as he continues to work hard, he should become a star.

2. Washington - from St. Louis (2-14) – QB, WR, S, OG, ILB, RT, CB, NT, TE, C, Rush LB – Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

The Redskins made an agressive move to move up to the #2 pick and get the change to select Griffin. Griffin has incredible athleticism and great accuracy and if he can learn to avoid taking sacks, he should become a star.

3. Minnesota (3-13) – LT, CB, WR, S, 2OG, 2LB, DT, FB, RB – Matt Kalil, OT, USC

This is where the draft starts to get interesting. For months, Matt Kalil was projected in this pick but over the last few days, there have been rumors that Morris Claiborne could be the pick. However, the Vikings have signed a pair of corner's in free agency but have yet to sign a tackle which leads me to believe Kalil will be the pick. Also, Kalil is the consensus better prospect.

4. Cleveland (4-12) – QB, WR, RT, RB, DE, CB, OLB, 2OG, FS, DT – Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama

Trent Richardson is the best running back prospect since Adrian Peterson and he is the best player available here. He also fills a huge need for the Browns, who need to add tools to their offense. Some other possibilities here are Ryan Tannehill (who would be a reach), Justin Blackmon (who plays at the deepest position in the draft) and Morris Claiborne (who plays at a position where the Browns already have a stud).

5. Tampa Bay (4-12) – CB, 2OLB, RT, DT, RB, FS, FB, QB – Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU

This is the ideal situation for the Bucs. Sure, they would love to land Trent Richardson but that is more of a luxury pick that the Bucs can't afford. Landing Claiborne will give them a #1 corner that has lockdown potential. The Bucs did a great job filling many of their major needs in free agency (by signing Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks) but they were unable to sign an elite cornerback. Claiborne gives them exactly that.

6. St. Louis - from Washington (5-11) – OT, WR, DT, OG, 2OLB, FS, CB, DE, RB, FB – Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State

The Rams traded down and picked up extra first round picks in the next two drafts and that was 100% the right move. Picking at #6, they will still get a chance to land one of the 6 elite prospects in the draft. Blackmon does not have elite size but he has elite production and is an excellent route runner. He also has a tireless work ethic and has a very low bust potential.

7. Jacksonville (5-11) – WR, CB, DE, FS, RT, P, C, LB – Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB, South Carolina

This is one of the harder picks for me to mock. The Jaguars have a young quarterback and need to surround him with weapons and Michael Floyd would give them exactly that. However, the Jaguars usually avoid players with character concerns so maybe they don’t take Floyd. The Jaguars also need to add a pass rusher to pair with Mincey and that is where Ingram comes into play. Over the past couple days, Ingram has become the hot pick to mock to the Jaguars and I am going to follow the trend. Ingram is an elite pass rusher who lacks a true position. However, he will still be valuable coming off the edge of the Jaguars defense.

8. Miami (6-10) – QB, WR, RT, DE, OLB, S, OG, CB, TE, DT – Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

Tannehill is a raw prospect that needs a lot of work but the Dolphins have the time to develop him. They have two veterans that are both serviceable in Matt Moore and David Garrard so they won’t need to thrust Tannehill into the starting lineup. If Tannehill is coached properly, he could become a top 10 quarterback. If not, he could become the next top 10 QB bust. It will all depend on how the Dolphins handle his situation.

9. Carolina (6-10) – DT, CB, OLB, RT, S, WR, K – Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State

This is a pretty easy pick to mock. The Panthers biggest need is at DT and the best player available is the #1 DT in the draft, Fletcher Cox. Cox is a very good pass rusher and has great strength. He is an ideal fit in the 4-3 scheme and will be able to reek havoc from day one.

10. Buffalo (6-10) – WR, LT, CB, OLB, QB, DT, TE – Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

The Bills are in a good situation picking at #10 as well. They will likely have their choice of Michael Floyd and Stephon Gilmore here. For me, Floyd is clearly the BPA and fills the bigger need. Floyd has the talent to become the number 1 WR in the draft but has some character concerns. He suffered from bad QB play in college which hurt his stats. However, he has that size and speed combination that not many people have and that would make him a good guy to pair with Stevie Johnson.

11. Kansas City (7-9) – QB, NT, CB, OG, RB, Rush LB, ILB – David DeCastro, OG, Stanford

DeCastro is the best guard to come into the draft in a long time and looks like he is the next great guard in the NFL. However, this is still a tough pick to mock because guard is the Chiefs fourth biggest need. However, the players at the positions of need don’t match up with the talent and you simply can’t pass on a player of DeCastro’s talent. He is the #5 player on my board and is as safe as they come as far as prospects come.

12. Seattle (7-9) – 2DE, DT, LB, CB, RB, WR – Quinton Coples, DE, UNC

This is a tough spot for the Seahawks to be in. Coples is an elite talent but he has some concerns with work ethic and character but you simply can’t pass up on him here. It helps that he fills the Seahawks biggest need at DE. The Seahawks lack an elite pass rusher and Coples could potentially give them that. He is a top 3 talent in this draft so if he ever puts it all together, he could be one of the biggest steals in this draft.

13. Arizona (8-8) – OT, WR, ILB, DE, Rush LB, RG, QB, NT – Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa

Reiff is a player that can play both LT and RT but he might be better suited for the right side. His short arms will likely serve as a detriment to him being a top 10 pick. He has great technique and is very strong which is why he was considered a top 10 pick at one point. He would fill the Cardinals biggest need and if he could play LT at a high level, that would be an added bonus.

14. Dallas (8-8) – C, S, OG, CB, ILB, DT, Rush LB, P – Mark Barron, SS, Alabama

This has been a pick that has become the hot pick if Barron makes it here. The Cowboys are apparently in love with Barron as a prospect and rightfully so. Barron is clearly the best safety in this draft, and there is not much talent after him. Add in the fact that the Cowboys have a huge need at safety and it seems to be a dream fit.

15. Philadelphia (8-8) – LB, DT, CB, SS, LT, WR, 2OL, QB, P – Luke Kuechly, LB, Boston College

This was the hot pick before the Eagles traded for Demeco Ryans but then it died off. However, at this point, Kuechly is the best player available by a significant amount and he would still have a use for the Eagles. He could play SAM until he is ready to knock Ryans out of the ILB spot because the Eagles still need help at SAM. Once Kuechly is ready to play the inside linebacker spot, Ryans can move over to SAM.

16. New York Jets (8-8) – WR, RT, Rush LB, S, NT, ILB, TE, OL – Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB, Alabama

This would be a tough spot for the Jets to be in. They have a choice of a ton of good prospects but none of them fill their top needs. Cordy Glenn would be an option to play RT and Stephon Gilmore is the best player available. However, they need to add a pass rusher and Upshaw is the best one available. The Jets play both a 4-3 and a 3-4 so adding a guy with scheme versatility like Upshaw seems like their best choice.

17. Cincinnati - from Oakland (8-8) – CB, RB, S, OG, WR, DE, DT, OLB – Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina

Gilmore has risen over the past two weeks to become the clear cut #2 corner in this draft. Gilmore has all the tools to be a great corner and excels in zone coverage. At this point, he is the BPA and fills the Bengals biggest need so it is really a perfect fit.

18. San Diego (8-8) – OG, OT, CB, Rush LB, S, DE, WR, RB – Cordy Glenn, OT/OG, Georgia

This is another pick that just seems to fit. Glenn is a great RT prospect and that is what the Chargers need. Glenn also has versatility to play guard. He has some trouble with speed rushers which is why he is not a left tackle prospect. Some other options here would be Dre Kirkpatrick and Jonathan Martin if the Chargers had him rated higher.

19. Chicago (8-8) – LT, CB, WR, OG, TE, SS, LB, DE, DT – Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford

Chicago in this spot would strongly consider two players. Jonathan Martin and Whitney Mercilus. I have Martin as the selection because I view Mercilus as an early 2nd round guy and not a first round player. Martin is the last true LT prospect in this class with elite potential and would give Jay Cutler a pretty good offensive line.

20. Tennessee (9-7) – C, DE, S, OG, DT, OLB, CB, WR – Dontari Poe, NT/DT, Memphis

This is a BPA pick more so than a need pick. DT is like 5th or 6th on the Titans need list but their top needs don't match up well with the players on the board. Poe would give them a disruptive force in the middle that they have not had since Big Al left.

21. Cincinnati* (9-7) - RB, S, OG, WR, DE, DT, OLB – Michael Brockers, DT, LSU

After addressing their biggest need with their first pick, the Bengals are in a situation where they can go with the BPA. That is Michael Brockers and he would give them an athletic freak that can rush the passer from the inside. Brockers paired with Geno Atkins would be a scary combination and would put a ton of pressure on the AFC North QBs.

22. Cleveland - from Atlanta* (10-6) - QB, WR, RT, DE, CB, OLB, 2OG, FS, DT – Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor

There are reports all on the internet now that the Browns will take Trent Richardson with the #4 pick and Kendall Wright or Stephen Hill with the #22 pick. I have Wright rated higher and therefore he is the pick. Wright and Richardson would give Colt McCoy or a rookie QB two legitimate weapons to work with.

23. Detroit* (10-6) – CB, SS, LT, C, LB, DE, RT, RB, P – Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama

Kirkpatrick is probably the 2nd most talented corner in this class but he has some character concerns. Kirkpatrick is a lockdown corner in man coverage and is a great tackler but he does not have great ball skills. However, the Lions desparately need a corner and Kirkpatrick is the BPA.

24. Pittsburgh* (12-4) – NT, OG, ILB, OT, CB, S, WR, TE, RB, DE, K – Dont'a Hightower, ILB, Alabama

This pick just seems like too good of a match to not happen. I have a hard time seeing the Steelers pick anyone else than Hightower if he is available. He fills one of their biggest needs, comes from a 3-4 defense, has a four year body of work, was a leader for his team, and is a tough nosed football player.

25. Denver* (8-8) – OG, C, DT, CB, WR, ILB, RB, SS, QB – Devon Still, DT, Penn State

This is a pick I have been mocking for months. Still is one of the BPA here and fills arguably the Broncos biggest need. Still is a monster and could be the best DT in this draft when it is all said and done.

26. Houston* (10-6) – 2WR, OG, RT, ILB, NT, SS, K, CB – Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech

This is another pick that has become commonplace in mock drafts. And there are great reasons for it. The Texans biggest need is WR and they love WRs who can block and are big. Hill is both of those and also represents decent value at this point.

27. New England - from New Orleans* (13-3) – DE, WR, OLB, S, CB, C, LB – Shea McClellin, DE/OLB, Boise State

New England has an awful pass defense for two reasons. One, there corners are bad, but two, they have no pass rush. Adding McClellin to play outside linebacker would give them a good pass rusher from the OLB spot, which is something they have lacked for awhile.

28. Green Bay* (15-1) – Rush LB, S, DE, CB, RB, TE, OL – Nick Perry, DE/OLB, USC

Green Bay is in a similar situation as New England, and like New England, they elect to improve their pass defense by adding a pass rusher. Perry would give them a great pairing mate to Clay Matthews and he is also scheme diverse.

29. Baltimore* (12-4) – LT, C, WR, Rush LB, ILB, RB, S, OG, CB, QB – Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin

The Ravens would likely decide between two Wisconsin linemen here. I have Konz rated slightly ahead of Zeitler and therefore he is my pick. Konz is versatile and can play guard or center. He can start at guard immediately and when Matt Birk retires, he can replace him at center.

30. San Francisco* (13-3) – RG, WR, Rush LB, QB, FS, CB, DE – Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin

This is another pick that is becoming popular and for good reason. The 49ers biggest need is by far guard and Zeitler is a stud. He has all the tools to be a dominant guard in the NFL and presents decent value here.

31. New England* (13-3) - WR, OLB, S, CB, C, LB – Chandler Jones, DE, Syracuse

The Patriots again elect to go with a pass rusher. Jones has freakishly long arms and is very athletic and if he can develop a good set of pass rushing moves, he can become a dominant player for the Patriots. His scheme diversity will help because the Patriots play both a 3-4 and a 4-3.

32. New York Giants* (9-7) – LG, TE, FS, ILB, OT, RB, CB, DT – Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford

This pick would likely come down to Fleener and Harrison Smith. I have Fleener rated higher than Smith so I made him the pick. He fits the Giants strategy of height, weight, and speed and presents good value here. He also fills their biggest need.

· Atlanta -> Cleveland: Julio Jones

· New Orleans -> New England: Mark Ingram

· Oakland -> Cincinnati: Carson Palmer

· St. Louis <-> Washington: Robert Griffin

Round 2

1. St. Louis (2-14) – OT, DT, OG, 2OLB, FS, CB, DE, RB, FB – Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State

Adams is the last legitimate LT prospect and that is the Rams biggest remaining need. He is also decent value here. Adams is a huge risk because he has a questionable work ethic but he has massive upside that the Rams will need to harness.

2. Indianapolis (2-14) - NT, OG, 2CB, WR, SS, TE, Rush LB, ILB, RB – Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama

Janoris Jenkins is the 2nd most talented corner in this draft but he has massive character concerns. However, on a team that is in desperate need for talent, the Colts can afford to take a chance on him here.

3. Minnesota (3-13) – CB, WR, S, 2OG, 2LB, DT, FB, RB – Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina

Jeffery has the potential to be the best WR in this draft because of his size and ball skills. If he can keep his weight under control, he could become a massive steal.

4. Tampa Bay (4-12) - CB, 2OLB, RT, DT, RB, FS, FB, QB – Zach Brown, OLB, UNC

The Bucs got a corner in round one and now they have to add an OLB. The options here are Zach Brown and Bobby Wagner and I have Brown rated slightly higher. Brown has massive upside because of his athleticism.

5. Cleveland (4-12) - QB, RT, DE, CB, OLB, 2OG, FS, DT – Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma State

And the Browns complete their offensive makeover. After landing weapons Trent Richardson and Kendall Wright in the first round, they get their QB in the 2nd round. Weeden is old but if the Browns can get 5 to 7 years of solid play from him, this is worth it. I like Weeden more than Tannehill as a passer but the age keeps him out of the first round.

6. Jacksonville (5-11) - WR, CB, FS, RT, P, C, LB – Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers

Sanu is the best route runner in this draft and also has the best hands. However, he is not a deep threat and does not have great speed. However, the Jaguars need to give Blaine Gabbert a weapon and Sanu would be a great safety valve for Gabbert.

7. St. Louis - from Washington (5-11) - DT, OG, 2OLB, FS, CB, DE, RB, FB – Kendall Reyes, DT, Connecticut

The Rams have no starting caliber DTs on their roster as of now. Reyes is a beast with a great ability to penetrate the offensive line. He is a possible first round pick so this is great value.

8. Carolina (6-10) - CB, OLB, RT, S, WR, K – Bobby Wagner, OLB, Utah State

Wagner is a beast and has massive upside. He flew up draft boards during the draft season and now is looking like a top 40 pick. The Panthers have a huge need at outside linebacker and Wagner is my top player available.

9. Buffalo (6-10) - LT, CB, OLB, QB, DT, TE – Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB, Illinois

The fall can go no longer. The Bills don't have an immediate need at DE or OLB but Mercilus is just too good to fall any further. As the Giants have proven, you can never have to many pass rushers.

10. Miami (6-10) - WR, RT, DE, OLB, S, OG, CB, TE, DT – Andre Branch, DE/OLB, Clemson

Andre Branch is another possible first round pick and he would give the Dolphins a good pairing mate to Cameron Wake.

11. Seattle (7-9) - DE, DT, LB, CB, RB, WR – Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan State

Worthy has all the tools to be a dominant DT in a 4-3 defense and if the Seahawks can get him to harness them, they would be getting a steal here. In terms of talent, he is one of the most talented players in this draft and he fits very well in the Seahawks scheme.

12. Kansas City (7-9) - QB, NT, CB, RB, Rush LB, ILB – Josh Robinson, CB, UCF

I have had Robinson pegged in the 2nd round since the start of the draft process and after a strong combine, everyone else followed suit. Robinson can lock people down in coverage and he also adds the return element.

13. Dallas (8-8) - C, OG, CB, ILB, DT, Rush LB, P – Vinny Curry, OLB, Marshall

The Cowboys have their OLBs for next year but it is unlikely that Anthony Spencer is back next year. Curry can spend a year learning from Ware and Spencer and then replace Spencer in 2013.

14. Philadelphia (8-8) - DT, CB, SS, LT, WR, 2OL, QB, P – Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson

Thompson is one of the more under-rated players in this draft and if the Eagles could get him in round 2, it could become a huge steal.

15. New York Jets (8-8) - WR, RT, S, NT, ILB, TE, OL – Harrison Smith, S, Notre Dame

The Jets have a massive need at safety and Smith is the best player available. He could go as high as #27 so this is great value. Smith could very well be the best safety in this class.

16. New England - from Oakland (8-8) - WR, S, CB, C, LB – Casey Heyward, CB, Vanderbilt

Casey Heyward is a guy who has great ball skills and is a great zone cover guy. The Pats run a lot of zone coverage and Heyward seams like a good fit here. Adding two pass rushers and Heyward with their first three picks could dramatically improve the Patriots pass defense.

17. San Diego (8-8) - OG, CB, Rush LB, S, DE, WR, RB – Ronnell Lewis, OLB, Oklahoma

Ronnell Lewis is the biggest hitter in this draft with good pass rushing abilities. He is good value here and fills one of the Chargers biggest needs.

18. Chicago (8-8) - CB, WR, OG, TE, SS, LB, DE, DT – Rueben Randle, WR, LSU

The Bears traded for Brandon Marshall but they could still use another weapon for Cutler. Randle is a guy who could go in the top 40 so this is good value and fills a big need.

19. Philadelphia - from Arizona (8-8) - CB, SS, LT, WR, 2OL, QB, P – Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia

The Eagles will likely trade Asante Samuel so they will need another corner. Boykin is a borderline first round prospect with great ball skills and great man cover skills.

20. Tennessee (9-7) - C, DE, S, OG, OLB, CB, WR – Markelle Martin, FS, Oklahoma State

The Titans have no talent at safety and Martin is the last sure thing at safety. He is good value here and would be a good fit at FS for the Titans.

21. Cincinnati* (9-7) - RB, S, OG, WR, DE, OLB – Doug Martin, RB, Boise State

This is an absolute steal for the Bengals. Martin is a top 30 talent in the draft that fell because of team needs. He fills the Bengals biggest remaining need and would give Dalton a true #1 RB.

22. Detroit* (10-6) - SS, LT, C, LB, DE, RT, RB, P – Lamar Miller, RB, Miami

The Lions don't "need" a RB but Miller is the BPA and with Leshoure getting arrested and Best having injury concerns, adding another RB could be worth it.

23. Atlanta* (10-6) – LT, C, DE, RB, ILB, CB, OG, TE, FS, WR, LB – David Wilson, RB, Virginia Tech

The Falcons need to start looking for a replacement for Michael Turner, who could be on his last legs. Wilson is a stud with great explosiveness and could be that guy.

24. Pittsburgh* (12-4) - NT, OG, OT, CB, S, WR, TE, RB, DE, K – Amini Silatolu, OG, Midwestern State

Silatolu is a mauler with great athleticism. He is flying up draft boards and if the Steelers could land him here, they would likely be thrilled.

25. Denver* (8-8) - OG, C, CB, WR, ILB, RB, SS, QB – Kelechi Osemele, OG/OT, Iowa State

Osemele is a nasty player that excels in run blocking. He has quick feet and can play RT as well as guard. He would likely be an instant starter for the Broncos.

26. Houston* (10-6) - WR, OG, RT, ILB, NT, SS, K, CB – Bruce Irvin, OLB, West Virginia

The Texans don't need a pass rusher but Irvin is a beast and is the BPA here. He would give them another piece to their 3-4 defense.

27. Green Bay* (15-1) - S, DE, CB, RB, TE, OL – Jamell Fleming, CB, Oklahoma

The Packers continue to try and improve their pass defense and add the top remaining corner. Fleming is a guy who is great at tackling and excels in man coverage.

28. Baltimore* (12-4) - LT, WR, Rush LB, ILB, RB, S, OG, CB, QB – Juron Criner, WR, Arizona

In the Ravens offense, you need big WRs who can run deep and Criner is exactly that. I have him rated slightly ahead of McNutt and Quick and that is why he is the pick.

29. San Francisco* (13-3) - WR, Rush LB, QB, FS, CB, DE – Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa

McNutt is a great route runner with good hands and has good size. He would give the 49ers some insurance at WR in case Manningham or Moss don't work out.

30. New England* (13-3) - WR, S, C, LB – Brian Quick, WR, Appalachian State

Quick is a big target with great ball skills. He has good hands and would give the Patriots an excellent deep threat with the ability to be a #1 WR.

31. New York Giants* (9-7) - LG, FS, ILB, OT, RB, CB, DT – Bobby Massie, OT, Ole Miss

The Giants don't like to pick OL early but Massie is the BPA and would likely be a top 50 pick on draft day. The Giants always take the BPA and I have Massie as exactly that.

· Oakland -> New England: Joseph Barksdale and Taiwan Jones

· Arizona -> Philadelphia: Kevin Kolb

· Washington -> St. Louis: Robert Griffin

· Saints forfeit pick for Bountygate

Round 3

  1. Indianapolis (2-14) - NT, OG, CB, WR, SS, TE, Rush LB, ILB, RB – Alameda Ta’amu, NT, Washington

  2. St. Louis (2-14) - OG, 2OLB, FS, CB, DE, RB, FB – Mychal Kendricks, LB, California

  3. Minnesota (3-13) - CB, S, 2OG, 2LB, DT, FB, RB – Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech

  4. Cleveland (4-12) - RT, DE, CB, OLB, 2OG, FS, DT – Lavonte David, OLB, Nebraska

  5. Tampa Bay (4-12) - CB, OLB, RT, DT, RB, FS, FB, QB – Jared Crick, DT/DE, Nebraska

  6. Washington (5-11) - WR, S, OG, ILB, RT, CB, NT, TE, C, Rush LB – Marvin Jones, WR, California

  7. Jacksonville (5-11) - CB, FS, RT, P, C, LB – Trumaine Johnson, CB/S, Montana

  8. Buffalo (6-10) - LT, CB, OLB, QB, DT, TE – Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina

  9. Miami (6-10) - WR, RT, DE, S, OG, CB, TE, DT – Brandon Taylor, S, LSU

  10. Miami - from Chicago via Carolina (6-10) - WR, RT, DE, OG, CB, TE, DT – Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska

  11. Kansas City (7-9) - QB, NT, RB, Rush LB, ILB – Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State

  12. Seattle (7-9) - DE, LB, CB, RB, WR – Dwight Bentley, CB, Louisiana Lafayette

  13. Houston - from Philadelphia (8-8) - WR, OG, RT, ILB, NT, SS, K, CB – A.J. Jenkins, WR, Illinois

  14. New York Jets (8-8) - WR, RT, NT, ILB, TE, OL – Mitchell Schwarts, OT, California

  15. San Diego (8-8) - OG, CB, S, DE, WR, RB – Brandon Washington, OG/OT, Miami

  16. Chicago (8-8) - CB, OG, TE, SS, LB, DE, DT – Dwayne Allen, TE, Clemson

  17. Arizona (8-8) - WR, ILB, DE, Rush LB, RG, QB, NT – Derek Wolfe, DE, Cincinnati

  18. Dallas (8-8) - C, OG, CB, ILB, DT, P – Philip Blake, C/G, Baylor

  19. Tennessee (9-7) - C, DE, OG, OLB, CB, WR – Ben Jones, C, Georgia

  20. Cincinnati* (9-7) - S, OG, WR, DE, OLB – Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin

  21. Atlanta* (10-6) - LT, C, DE, ILB, CB, OG, TE, FS, WR, LB – Zebrie Sanders, OT, Florida State

  22. Detroit* (10-6) - SS, LT, C, LB, DE, RT, P – George Iloka, S, Boise State

  23. Pittsburgh* (12-4) - NT, OT, CB, S, WR, TE, RB, DE, K – Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama

  24. Denver* (8-8) - C, CB, WR, ILB, RB, SS, QB – Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia

  25. Philadelphia - from Houston* (10-6) - SS, LT, WR, 2OL, QB, P – Orson Charles, TE, Georgia

  26. New Orleans* (13-3) – DT, OLB, WR, SS, OL – Mike Martin, DT, Michigan

  27. Green Bay* (15-1) - S, DE, RB, TE, OL – Chris Polk, RB, Washington

  28. Baltimore* (12-4) - LT, Rush LB, ILB, RB, S, OG, CB, QB – James Brown, OT/OG, Troy

  29. San Francisco* (13-3) - Rush LB, QB, FS, CB, DE – Cam Johnson, OLB, Virginia

  30. New England* (13-3) - S, C, LB – Michael Brewster, C, Ohio State

  31. New York Giants* (9-7) - LG, FS, ILB, RB, CB, DT – Brandon Brooks, OG, Miami (Ohio)

  32. Oakland (compensatory) – NT, 2Rush LB, 2CB, TE, ILB, DE, RB – James Michael-Johnson, ILB, Nevada

· Carolina -> Chicago: Greg Olsen

· Raiders used 3rd-round pick on Terrelle Pryor in supplemental draft

· Chicago -> Miami: Brandon Marshall

· Philadelphia <-> Houston: DeMeco Ryans

Round 4

  1. St. Louis (2-14) - OG, OLB, FS, CB, DE, RB, FB – Sean Spence, OLB, Miami

  2. Indianapolis (2-14) - OG, CB, WR, SS, TE, Rush LB, ILB, RB – Ron Brooks, CB, LSU

  3. Minnesota (3-13) - S, 2OG, 2LB, DT, FB, RB – Emmanuel Acho, LB, Texas

  4. Houston - from Philadelphia via Tampa Bay (4-12) - OG, RT, ILB, NT, SS, K, CB – Donald Stephenson, OT, Oklahoma

  5. Cleveland (4-12) - RT, DE, CB, 2OG, FS, DT – Matt McCants, OT, UAB

  6. Jacksonville (5-11) - FS, RT, P, C, LB – Jeff Allen, OT, Illinois

  7. Washington (5-11) - S, OG, ILB, RT, CB, NT, TE, C, Rush LB – Nigel Bradham, ILB, Florida State

  8. Miami (6-10) - WR, RT, DE, OG, TE, DT – Chris Givens, WR, Wake Forest

  9. Carolina (6-10) - CB, RT, S, WR, K – T.Y. Hilton, WR, Florida International

  10. Buffalo (6-10) - LT, OLB, QB, DT, TE – Brandon Mosley, OT, Auburn

  11. Seattle (7-9) - DE, LB, RB, WR – Terrell Manning, OLB, N.C. State

  12. Kansas City (7-9) - NT, RB, Rush LB, ILB – LaMichael James, RB, Oregon

  13. Denver - from New York Jets (8-8) - C, WR, ILB, RB, SS, QB – David Molk, C, Michigan

  14. Washington - from Oakland (8-8) -S, OG, RT, CB, NT, TE, C, Rush LB – Janzen Jackson, S, McNeese State

  15. San Diego (8-8) - CB, S, DE, WR, RB – Leonard Johnson, CB, Iowa State

  16. Chicago (8-8) - CB, OG, SS, LB, DE, DT – Josh Lerebius, OG, SMU

  17. Arizona (8-8) - WR, ILB, Rush LB, RG, QB, NT – Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma

  18. Dallas (8-8) - OG, CB, ILB, DT, P – Tony Bergstrom, OG/OT, Utah

  19. Philadelphia (8-8) - SS, LT, WR, 2OL, QB, P – Joe Adams, WR, Arkansas

  20. Tennessee (9-7) - DE, OG, OLB, CB, WR – Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise State

  21. Cincinnati* (9-7) - S, OG, DE, OLB – Lucas Nix, OG/OT, Pittsburgh

  22. Detroit* (10-6) - LT, C, LB, DE, RT, P – Keenan Robinson, OLB, Texas

  23. Cleveland - from Atlanta* (10-6) - DE, CB, 2OG, FS, DT – Omar Bolden, CB, Arizona State

  24. Pittsburgh* (12-4) – OT, CB, S, WR, TE, RB, DE, K – Andrew Datko, OT, Florida State

  25. Denver* (8-8) - WR, ILB, RB, SS, QB – Isaiah Pead, RB, Cincinnati

  26. Houston* (10-6) - OG, ILB, NT, SS, K, CB – Nicolas Jean-Baptise, NT, Baylor

  27. New Orleans* (13-3) - OLB, WR, SS, OL – Tavon Wilson, S, Illinois

  28. Green Bay* (15-1) - S, DE, TE, OL – Billy Winn, DE, Boise State

  29. Buffalo - from Baltimore* (12-4) - OLB, QB, DT, TE – Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona State

  30. San Francisco* (13-3) - QB, FS, CB, DE – Bernard Pierce, RB, Temple

  31. New England* (13-3) - S, LB – Aaron Henry, S, Nebraska

  32. New York Giants* (9-7) - FS, ILB, RB, CB, DT – Travis Lewis, LB, Oklahoma

  33. Minnesota (compensatory) - S, 2OG, LB, DT, FB, RB – Senio Kelemente, OG/OT, Washington

  34. Oakland (compensatory) - NT, 2Rush LB, 2CB, TE, DE, RB – Jonathan Massaquoi, OLB, Troy

  35. Baltimore (compensatory) - Rush LB, ILB, RB, S, OG, CB, QB – Robert Turbin, RB, Utah State

  36. New York Giants (compensatory) - FS, RB, CB, DT – Ronnie Hillman, RB, San Diego State

  37. Green Bay (compensatory) - S, TE, OL – Lardarius Green, TE, Louisiana Lafayette

  38. Green Bay (compensatory) - S, OL – Nate Potter, OT, Boise State

  39. Minnesota (compensatory) - S, OG, LB, DT, FB, RB – Antonio Allen, S, South Carolina

  40. Dallas (compensatory) - CB, ILB, DT, P – Akiem Hicks, DT/NT, Regina

· Atlanta -> Cleveland: Julio Jones

· Oakland -> Washington: Jason Campbell

· Tampa Bay -> Philadelphia: Luke Stocker

· Baltimore -> Buffalo: Lee Evans

· NY Jets -> Denver: Tim Tebow

Round 5

  1. Indianapolis (2-14) - OG, WR, SS, TE, Rush LB, ILB, RB – Greg Childs, WR, Arkansas

  2. Denver - from St. Louis (2-14) - WR, ILB, SS, QB – Jarius Wright, WR, Arkansas

  3. Minnesota (3-13) - OG, LB, DT, FB, RB – Ryan Miller, OG/OT, Colorado

  4. Cleveland (4-12) - DE, 2OG, FS, DT – Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami

  5. Tampa Bay (4-12) - CB, OLB, RT, RB, FS, FB, QB – Vick Ballard, RB, Mississippi State

  6. Washington (5-11) - OG, RT, CB, NT, TE, C, Rush LB – Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma State

  7. Jacksonville (5-11) - FS, P, C, LB – Trenton Robinson, FS, Michigan State

  8. Carolina (6-10) - CB, RT, S, K – Bryan Anger, P, California

  9. Buffalo (6-10) - OLB, DT, TE – Josh Kaddu, OLB, Oregon

  10. Miami (6-10) - RT, DE, OG, TE, DT – David Paulson, TE, Oregon

  11. Kansas City (7-9) - NT, Rush LB, ILB – Donte Paige-Moss, OLB, UNC

  12. Buffalo - from Seattle (7-9) - DT, TE – Michael Egnew, TE, Missouri

  13. Oakland (8-8) - NT, Rush LB, 2CB, TE, DE, RB – Cliff Harris, CB/PR, Oregon

  14. San Diego (8-8) - S, DE, WR, RB – Jake Bequette, DE/OLB, Arkansas

  15. Chicago (8-8) - CB, SS, LB, DE, DT – Ryan Steed, CB, Furman

  16. Arizona (8-8) - ILB, Rush LB, RG, QB, NT – Vontaze Burfict, ILB, Arizona State

  17. Dallas (8-8) - CB, ILB, DT – Shaun Prater, CB, Iowa

  18. Philadelphia (8-8) - SS, LT, 2OL, QB, P – Tom Compton, OT, South Dakota

  19. New York Jets (8-8) - WR, NT, ILB, TE, OL – Dwight Jones, WR, UNC

  20. Tennessee (9-7) - OG, OLB, CB, WR – Danny Trevathan, OLB, Kentucky

  21. Cincinnati* (9-7) - S, DE, OLB – Donny Fletcher, CB/S, Boston College

  22. Atlanta* (10-6) - C, DE, ILB, CB, OG, TE, FS, WR, LB – Quentin Saulsberry, C, Mississippi State

  23. Detroit* (10-6) - LT, C, DE, RT, P – Matt Reynolds, OT, BYU

  24. Pittsburgh* (12-4) - CB, S, WR, TE, RB, DE, K – Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M

  25. Cleveland - from Denver* (8-8) - DE, 2OG, FS, DT – Frank Alexander, DE, Oklahoma

  26. Houston* (10-6) - OG, ILB, SS, K, CB – Audie Cole, ILB, N.C. State

  27. New Orleans* (13-3) - OLB, WR, OL – Dale Moss, WR, South Dakota State

  28. Green Bay* (15-1) – S – B.J. Coleman, QB, Tennessee Chattanooga

  29. Baltimore* (12-4) - Rush LB, ILB, S, OG, CB, QB – Jerry Franklin, ILB, Arkansas

  30. San Francisco* (13-3) - QB, FS, CB, DE – Coryell Judie, CB, Texas A&M

  31. Cincinnati - from New England* (13-3) - DE, OLB – Trevor Guyton, DE, California

  32. Cincinnati - from New York Giants* (9-7) – OLB – Marcus Forston, DT, Miami

  33. Oakland (compensatory) - NT, Rush LB, CB, TE, DE, RB – Demario Davis, OLB, Arkansas State

  34. Baltimore (compensatory) - Rush LB, S, OG, CB, QB – Eddie Whitley, FS, Virginia Tech

  35. Indianapolis (compensatory) - OG, SS, TE, Rush LB, ILB, RB – James Hanna, TE, Oklahoma

· New England -> Cincinnati: Chad Ochocinco

· St. Louis -> Denver: Brandon Lloyd

· Seattle -> Buffalo: Marshawn Lynch

· Denver -> Cleveland: Brady Quinn

· NY Giants -> Cincinnati: Keith Rivers

Round 6

  1. St. Louis (2-14) - OG, FS, CB, DE, RB, FB – Keith Tandy, CB, West Virginia

  2. Philadelphia - from Indianapolis (2-14) - SS, 2OL, QB, P – Sean Richardson, S, Vanderbilt

  3. Washington - from Minnesota (3-13) - OG, CB, NT, TE, C, Rush LB – Evan Rodriguez, TE/H-Back, Temple

  4. Tampa Bay (4-12) - CB, OLB, RT, FS, FB, QB – Tank Carder, LB, TCU

  5. Minnesota - from Cleveland (4-12) - LB, DT, FB, RB – Gerrell Robinson, WR, Arizona State

  6. Jacksonville (5-11) - P, C, LB – Bryan Stahovich, P, San Diego State

  7. Arizona - from Washington (5-11) - Rush LB, RG, QB, NT – Miles Burris, OLB, San Diego State

  8. Buffalo (6-10) – DT – Travian Robertson, DT, South Carolina

  9. New Orleans - from Miami (6-10) - OLB, OL – Markus Zusevics, OT/OG, Iowa

  10. Carolina (6-10) - CB, RT, S, K – Asa Jackson, CB, Cal Poly

  11. Seattle (7-9) - DE, RB, WR – Cyrus Gray, RB, Texas A&M

  12. Kansas City (7-9) - NT, ILB – Hebron Fangupo, NT, BYU

  13. San Diego (8-8) - S, WR, RB – Tim Benford, WR, Tennesse Tech

  14. Chicago (8-8) - SS, LB, DE, DT – Chris Marve, LB, Vanderbilt

  15. Arizona (8-8) - RG, QB, NT – Austin Davis, QB, Southern Miss

  16. Dallas (8-8) - ILB, DT – Kheeston Randall, DT, Texas

  17. New York Jets - from Indianapolis via Philadelphia (8-8) - NT, ILB, TE, OL – Delvin Johnson, DT/NT, Marshall

  18. Denver - from New York Jets (8-8) - ILB, SS, QB – Nick Foles, QB, Arizona

  19. Oakland (8-8) - NT, CB, TE, DE, RB – Kevin Koger, TE, Wisconsin

  20. Tennessee (9-7) - OG, CB, WR – Desmond Wynn, OG, Rutgers

  21. Cincinnati* (9-7) - OLB – DeQuan Menzie, CB, Alabama

  22. Atlanta* (10-6) - DE, ILB, CB, OG, TE, FS, WR, LB – Michah Pellerin, CB, Hampton

  23. Pittsburgh* (12-4) - CB, S, TE, RB, DE, K – Winston Guy Jr, S, Kentucky

  24. Philadelphia - from Denver* (8-8) - 2OL, QB, P – Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin

  25. Houston* (10-6) - OG, SS, K, CB – Rishaw Johnson, OG, California (PA)

  26. Miami - from New Orleans* (13-3) - RT, DE, OG, DT – Joe Long, OT, Wayne State

  27. Green Bay* (15-1) - S – Tramain Thomas, S, Arkansas

  28. Baltimore* (12-4) - Rush LB, OG, CB, QB – Ronald Leary, OG, Memphis

  29. San Francisco* (13-3) - QB, FS, DE – Brandon Hardin, FS/CB, Oregon State

  30. Philadelphia - from New England* (13-3) - 2OL, P – Blake DeChristopher, OT, Virginia Tech

  31. New York Giants* (9-7) - FS, CB, DT – Tydreke Powell, DT, UNC

  32. New York Jets (compensatory) - NT, ILB, TE, OL – J.K. Schaffer, ILB, Cincinnatti

  33. New York Jets (compensatory) - NT, TE, OL – Mike Ryan, OT, Connecticut

  34. Cleveland (compensatory) - 2OG, FS, DT – Rokevious Watkins, OG, South Carolina

  35. Cleveland (compensatory) - OG, FS, DT – Cody Sensabaugh, S, Clemson

  36. Indianapolis (compensatory) - OG, SS, Rush LB, ILB, RB – Tony Dye, SS, UCLA

  37. Carolina (compensatory) - RT, S, K – Don Barclay, OT, West Virginia

· Denver -> Philadelphia: Joe Mays

· Washington -> Arizona: Tim Hightower

· New England -> Philadelphia: Tracy White

· New Orleans <-> Miami: Reggie Bush

· Philadelphia <-> Indianapolis: Winston Justice

· NY Jets -> Denver: Tim Tebow

· Indianapolis -> NY Jets: Drew Stanton

· Minnesota -> Washington: Donovan McNabb

· Cleveland -> Minnesota: Jayme Mitchel

· Lions' pick forfeited because of tampering

Round 7

  1. Indianapolis (2-14) - OG, Rush LB, ILB, RB – Adrian Hamilton, OLB, Prairie View A&M

  2. St. Louis (2-14) - OG, FS, DE, RB, FB – Tauren Poole, RB, Tennessee

  3. Minnesota (3-13) - LB, DT, FB, RB – Bradie Ewing, FB, Wisconsin

  4. Cleveland (4-12) - OG, DT – Lonnie Edwards, OG, Texas Tech

  5. Tampa Bay (4-12) - CB, RT, FS, FB, QB – Robert Blanton, CB/S, Notre Dame

  6. Washington (5-11) - OG, CB, NT, C, Rush LB – Trevin Wade, CB, Arizona

  7. Indianapolis - from New York Jets via Jacksonville (5-11) - OG, ILB, RB – Carmen Messina, ILB, New Mexico

  8. Miami (6-10) - DE, OG, DT – Logan Harrell, DT/DE, Fresno State

  9. Carolina (6-10) - S, K – Blair Walsh, K, Georgia

  10. Buffalo (6-10) – Dan Herron, RB, Ohio State

  11. Kansas City (7-9) - ILB – Chris Gallipo, ILB, USC

  12. Detroit - from Seattle (7-9) - C, DE, RT, P – William Vlachos, C, Alabama

  13. Chicago (8-8) - SS, DE, DT – Delano Howell, SS, Stanford

  14. Arizona (8-8) - RG, NT – Jordan White, WR, Western Michigan

  15. Dallas (8-8) – ILB – Korey Williams, ILB, Southern Mississippi

  16. Minnesota - from New England via Philadelphia (8-8) - LB, DT, RB – DaJohn Harris, DT, USC

  17. Green Bay - from New York Jets (8-8) – DeVier Posey, WR, Ohio State

  18. Seattle - from Oakland (8-8) - DE, WR – Chris Owusu, WR, Stanford

  19. San Diego (8-8) - S, RB – Chris Rainey, WR/RB/KR, Florida

  20. Tennessee (9-7) - CB, WR – Jermaine Kearse, WR, Washington

  21. Jacksonville - from Cincinnati* (9-7) - C, LB – Gino Gradkowski, C/G, Delaware

  22. Atlanta* (10-6) - DE, ILB, OG, TE, FS, WR, LB – Brandon Lindsey, DE, Pittsburgh

  23. Detroit* (10-6) - DE, RT, P – Julian Miller, DE, West Virginia

  24. Pittsburgh* (12-4) - CB, TE, RB, DE, K – Marquis Maze, WR, Alabama

  25. New York Jets - from Denver* (8-8) - NT, TE – Chase Ford, TE, Miami

  26. Houston* (10-6) - SS, K, CB – Duke Ihenacho, SS, San Jose State

  27. New Orleans* (13-3) – OLB – Ryan Baker, OLB, LSU

  28. Green Bay* (15-1) – Jack Crawford, DE, Penn State

  29. Baltimore* (12-4) - Rush LB, CB, QB – Cordarro Law, OLB, Southern Mississippi

  30. San Francisco* (13-3) - QB, DE – Malik Jackson, DE, Tennessee

  31. Kansas City - from New England* (13-3) – Tim Fugger, DE/OLB, Vanderbilt

  32. New York Giants* (9-7) - FS, CB – Jose Grumbs, FS, Monmouth

  33. Pittsburgh (compensatory) - CB, TE, RB, DE, K – Chris Greenwood, CB, Albion

  34. Green Bay (compensatory) – Nathan Stupar, ILB, Penn State

  35. New York Jets (compensatory) – NT – Ishmaa’ily Kitchen, NT/DT, Kent State

  36. Green Bay (compensatory) – Marc Tyler, RB, USC

  37. New York Jets (compensatory) – Justin Francis, DE, Rutgers

  38. Cleveland (compensatory) - DT – Brett Roy, DT, Nevada

  39. Pittsburgh (compensatory) - TE, RB, DE, K – Bryce Brown, RB, Kansas State

  40. Cleveland (compensatory) – Bobby Rainey, RB, Western Kentucky

  41. Pittsburgh (compensatory) - TE, DE, K – Randy Bullock, K, Texas A&M

  42. Atlanta (compensatory) - ILB, OG, TE, FS, WR, LB – Devon Wylie, WR/KR, Fresno State

  43. San Diego (compensatory) – S – Sean Cattouse, S, California

  44. Buffalo (compensatory) – Risard Matthews, WR, Nevada

  45. St. Louis (compensatory) - OG, FS, DE, FB – Lance Lewis, WR, East Carolina

  46. Indianapolis (compensatory) - OG, RB – Derek Moye, WR, Penn State

· Philadelphia -> New England -> Minnesota: Tracy White; Randy Moss

· New England -> Kansas City: Jarrad Page

· Oakland -> Seattle: Aaron Curry

· Denver -> NY Jets: Tim Tebow

· Jets -> Indianapolis: Drew Stanton

· New York Jets -> Green Bay: Caleb Schlauderaff

· Seattle -> Detroit: Tyler Polumbus

· Cincinnati -> Jacksonville: Reggie Nelson

Top UDFA’s

Eric Page, Kellen Moore, Case Keenum, Edwin Baker, B.J. Cunningham, Joe Looney, Oliver Vernon, Kyle Wilber, Jerrell Young