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2012 NFL Draft Open Thread Part II: Clock Starts Ticking

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With about 90 minutes remaining, final draft speculation flies around as some people file into their respective teams and cities official draft party.

Plenty of people are unable to attend such a party, or live in a place like Baltimore or D.C., and couldn't be financially compensated well enough to ever attend such a party for the local sports collective.

The point is, we're gonna have our own fiesta right here on BTSC. I will be at Vikings Fan Friend Chuck's palatial palace in suburban Minneapolis (hoping for at least half the fun of the 10 minutes after hearing "...The Vikings select....Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State), and I'll be updating the site with comments and as much news as we can find between now and the Steelers pick at No. 24.

Leave your mark here, save it for the record, and discuss any and all things draft over the next few hours. The Steelers future may just depend on it.

Ok, probably not, but it's gonna be fun anyway.