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RG DeCastro Admits Seahawks Were Defeated in Super Bowl XL


The newest Steelers offensive lineman, G David DeCastro made NFL history upon being drafted Thursday night.

He became the first self-proclaimed Seahawks fan to admit the Steelers defeated Seattle in Super Bowl XL.

In a post-draft conference call, DeCastro, the Bellevue, Wash., native, admitted as much, and in many ways, began his initiation to SteelerNation. Perhaps his heinous offense was the reason Seattle, one of many teams projected to take the guy some called the best offensive guard prospect since they took Steve Hutchinson in 2001, passed on him.

Instead, the Seahawks drafted a guy who's run-ins with the law, to put it mildly, strained his credibility.

What's important is the point that can be made about the value of DeCastro to this Steelers team in particular. After going through an arduous two-season run with an offensive line that seemingly got worse and/or more injured in every game, it found the light at the end of the black-and-blue tunnel.

DeCastro, who played right guard in college and according to Steelers GM Kevin Colbert, he'll assume that position in Pittsburgh, rates out easily as the second-best offensive lineman in this draft, regardless of position (behind Vikings pick LT Matt Kalil, and there likely isn't much difference between the two).

Come up with a Steelers draft pick as talented as DeCastro who was taken this late in the draft while filling as big a hole as the Steelers have had at a position without having to give up anything.

I can't really come up with one.