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DeCastro Allowed to Attend All Minicamps

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NFL rules prevent draft picks from joining their pro teams until their college class has graduated, which affects 2012 NFL Draft No. 1 overall pick, QB Andrew Luck, but it won't affect his collegiate right guard, David DeCastro.

Luck had not yet graduated from Stanford, therefore, is only allowed to attend the Colts' mandatory rookie mini camp, but DeCastro graduated with a degree in Management Science and Engineering in December, and will be allowed to participate fully in all the Steelers' offseason activities.

It's an added bonus, considering the amount of players each year who cannot attend sessions with their future employers because of an antiquated rule the NFL enforces for really no reason other than to help the NCAA meet certain graduation requirements. It gives a college player a reason to enroll in school for the second semester or third quarter, because they can't work out with their pro team until that academic period has ended.

Fortunately, it's not something the Steelers need to worry about, and they can begin grooming their likely starting right guard immediately.