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2012 NFL Draft Third Round Open Thread: Mike Adams, Need We Say More?

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Let's talk about it.

One failed drug test at the Combine. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported Adams wrote a letter and admitted to "lying" about not smoking pot before his failed test. Should be a no-brainer, any time a prospective NFL player should stay clean (or at least find a way to appear clean, he went to the same college as Santonio Holmes, after all). Yet, he failed to do it.

Is this a character issue, or a sheer stupidity issue?

And the front office is responsible for this pick. Their track record with second round picks is not exactly the envy of the NFL, and this could be the most controversial pick of all of them. Talent trumps all, no doubt, but with a failed test at an NFL event means he'll be put into the aversion program, meaning, another failed test could mean a four-game suspension.

Maybe the first two OL picks in the first two rounds the Steelers have made in quite a while will pan out well. The situation is different if Adams simply does what he's apparently said he's going to do, he could, at least, perform as well as Marcus Gilbert did last year, and suddenly, the Steelers have high-level depth along its offensive line.

Oh, right, it's the third round. Who's next?