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2012 NFL Draft Open Thread: Steelers Hold Several Picks in the Bottom Half of the Draft

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Thanks to JD for getting this started. Someone may have pretended he was on eastern time and was trying to clean the house before posting the Open Thread. - nc

The end is in sight, and the latest members of the 2012 Steelers training camp will mostly be added today. That doesn't mean the intrigue is any less dramatic than it was in the first three rounds, though. We're likely to see a team move up and down, as everyone's draft boards become less clear, and in a way, more suspect. No one's right, everyone's right, the middle rounds are where a team can gain the most while sacrificing the least.

Who is on the Steelers board? Watch the draft, give us your opinion and we'll see if we have any future contributors like William Gay in 2007 or Antonio Brown in 2010. Stick around BTSC, we're shooting for a third straight day of record traffic, not just with open threads like this, but with each of the articles we plan to run throughout the draft, and immediately following it. We need your support!