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NFL Draft 2012: Day Three Open Thread Part 2

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Neal was planning to the throw this up when he got stolen for domestic responsibilities, so I'll fill in until he gets back. Steelers are having another great draft day, moving up in the fourth to grab Washington Nose Tackle Alameda Ta'amu, a player many had mocked to the Steelers over the course of the pre-draft process.

It's a pick most of us are thrilled with, getting great value at a position of need in the middle rounds, and all it cost was a sixth round pick to swap our fourth rounders with the Redskins, who made a questionable decision by selecting Kirk Cousins, another quarterback, at the beginning of the day. Not sure what they're doing, but they helped us grab a great pick.

We still have our fifth rounder and a number of seventh rounders coming up, so let's hope the Steelers continue their remarkable success in this draft while grabbing some great players. Let's get to it!