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2012 NFL Draft: The Finish Line Is In Sight Open Thread

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It's nearly over, but the 2012 NFL Draft won't end for the Steelers without a flurry of activity. With four picks slated for this round, and still lots of good players available, the Steelers could find themselves the beneficiaries of a few steals, plus some good UDFAs willing to sign.

After a very strong run of picks, they could go pretty much in any direction with their last four. Maybe they'll replicate the legendary Bruce Arians and draft four tight ends after going since 2007 without throwing to any of them. Maybe they'll follow New England's example and draft guys they saw walking around campus when they were scouting the football players. Or maybe, just maybe, they'll be like Baltimore and draft kickers who can't kick.

It's a rich tapestry of options for the round in which they once found DE Brett Keisel.

Once more into the breach, dear Steelers fan friends. Let's see this thing through to the end.