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Steelers Select Pittsburgh Product WR Toney Clemons With First of four 7th Round Picks

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With the first of four 7th round picks, the Steelers selected WR Toney Clemons of Colorado.

He's a sizable receiver who runs good routes, but he has struggled with his hands, according to his scouting report on

A native of New Kensington, Pa., Clemons has an opportunity with the Steelers, largely on the steam of a general lack of size at the position, and a lack of depth. There are four Steelers receivers on the roster currently, he would be the tallest, and none of them are signed past 2013 right now.

It wouldn't be a surprise if the Steelers looked at another receiver with their next pick, which is slated for No. 241. Any position is really up in the air at this point. Some thought the possibility of taking a quarterback with the intention of keeping him on the practice squad exists, and maybe it does.

Three more picks.