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BTSC 2012 Community Mock Draft Pick No. 10 -- Buffalo Bills Select Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

And just like that we're through the first 10 picks of the 2012 BTSC Community Mock Draft! Thanks go to Cannon36 for the insight and write up here. Next up: Kansas City Chiefs, and they'll be represented by Steel in FL.

By the way, if you look back at previous community mock draft picks, you'll see that some of them now have minute-long draft profiles embedded that were not there before. It's been Michael Bean's personal project to make these videos happen, and we'll be going back and embedding more as new ones come out everyday! Let us know what you think of them! -barnerburner-


A month ago I would have said that Buffalo's greatest need would be a decent pass-rush coming off the edge. However, with the signings of Mario Williams and Mark Anderson, the Bills defensive line seems pretty well set. I am not thrilled that the Panthers picked Kuechly with the ninth pick. I think he would have made a great Bill. But because of that pick I can now go back to the other four players I was targeting for Buffalo at 10. David DeCastro, Jonathan Martin (who fits the Bills scheme much better than Riley Reiff IMO), Dre Kirkpatrick, and Michael Floyd.

Left tackle is a huge area of need for Buffalo. Demetrius Bell really came on last season, but he only played in limited action and as of now it seems he will leave the team in search of his big payday. If the Buffalo front office can convince him to stay, the need at left tackle will be greatly diminished. Also the Bills GM Buddy Nix has never been a fan of taking offensive lineman high in the draft. Only two members of his O-line were drafted before the fourth round. Obviously Nix feels that he can fill out this squad with later round picks. I can't say I completely agree with this but in the spirit of keeping this realistic that nixes (no pun intended) Martin and DeCastro.

Dre Kirkpatrick seems like an excellent fit for the Bills as well. Buffalo does not have a good group of corners. Aaron Williams (Steeler fans remember him), Terrence McGee, and Drayton Florence. That is what the Bills have to work with, not really a group that will strike fear into anyones heart, especially not Tom Brady. Kirkpatrick could definitely bring a lot to the table. He is one of the most physical corners in the draft. He plays the run as well as anyone else and isn't afraid to hit someone. However, Buffalo can get by with this (serviceable) group of corners and since Kirkpatrick does not project to be a #1 shutdown corner, we can safely say that CB is not the biggest priority for the first round.

On the other hand, Notre Dame's standout wide receiver also seems like a great fit for Buffalo. He is 6'3 224lbs. He possesses the best separation abilities of almost any other receiver in the draft. He can get up in the air with his 36.5" vertical. His production in college labeled him as a major contributor - 226 receptions, 3,645 receiving yards, and 36 touchdowns; not too shabby at all. One of Buffalo's greatest weaknesses last season was their inability to stop teams from double teaming on Stevie Johnson. Drafting Floyd would go a long way towards stopping that. The Bills #2 and #3 receivers, Donald Jones and David Nelson respectively are not the answer at the other outside receiving spot. However they both project well on the inside of the field. With Floyd, the Bills would be able to open up the field more and allow Fitzpatrick to spread out opposing defenses. Floyd is the most NFL-ready receiver coming out of college this season. He should make a very positive addition to the team.

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