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BTSC 2012 Community Mock Draft Pick No. 11 -- Kansas City Chiefs Select...

I'm keeping this pick out of the title because I really don't want to spoil the surprise. Should I keep the actual picks out of the titles entirely as we move forward? Anyways, thanks go to Steel in FL for the work here. Next up: Seattle Seahawks and their new neon threads, and they'll be represented by Riddlah.

By the way, if you look back at previous community mock draft picks, you'll see that some of them now have minute-long draft profiles embedded that were not there before. It's been Michael Bean's personal project to make these videos happen, and we'll be going back and embedding more as new ones come out everyday! Let us know what you think of them! -barnerburner-

Let's look at the Chiefs' season last year and previous draft picks. Last year started off with them defending their division title by losing second-year player and soon to be star safety Eric Berry, as well as second-year TE Tony Moeaki, before the season even started. And then Jamaal Charles, the Man on offense went down in Week 2 to an ACL injury.

Effectively, the Chiefs' season was over before it began. The offense went from having a great running game, a really good WR, and some decent young targets at TE and WR at the start of training camp, to having a mediocre running game and only one target at WR worth writing home about. When combined with a below average QB, it's little wonder the Chiefs struggled on offense last year.

As for the defense last year, they were pretty good despite losing Berry for the whole season. Run D was a notable weakness last year though, despite having two 1st-round DEs. Sacks were something they struggled to get, despite having Tamba Hali for all 16 games. The secondary was pretty good despite not having Berry back there.

So now let's look where the Chiefs could use improvements. Starting on offense, the O-line is a solid bunch - Branden Albert is an above-average LT, LG Ryan Lilja is aging, C Casey Wiegmann is old, RG Rodney Hudson is a young guy that they're happy with and could slide to C in the future, and former Houston Texan Eric Winston was signed in free agency to be their RT. At the skill positions, TE is fine with Moeaki coming back from that ACL injury, and they signed Kevin Boss. Receiver has Pro Bowler Dwayne Bowe, as well as last year's rookie 1st rounder Jonathan Baldwin and former Arizona Cardinal Steve Breaston. Running back has Charles coming back from his ACL, and they added former Madden curse victim Peyton Hillis. As for QB, Cassel isn't the man.

On offense, the pick could range from an OG, a young RT, or QB. The defense could use a NT, and maybe a CB to replace Brandon Carr - lost in free agency to Dallas.

With the 11th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona State.

I have come to the conclusion that teams aren't interested in what a prospect is when they draft him, but what he can potentially become. How else do you explain picks like Jake Locker and Christian Ponder last year? The GMs in question saw in them the ability to become franchise QBs. All you hear about Osweiler is his potential. Last year showcased Cassel's shortcomings. All of their success needed to come from him, but he couldn't pull it off. The one thing Cassel has never had is competition. I believe the Chiefs give him one more year, this time with a QB behind him that can replace him if he struggles.

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