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NFL Preseason Schedule Includes Colts at Steelers in Primetime

Pass out the ammunition, the Steelers and Colts will do fierce preseason battle on Sunday Night (Preseason) Football Aug. 19.

It's hard to get fired up for preseason games, even if it's the return of offensive coordinator Bruce Arians (to what will be, no doubt, a warm ovation of admiration and support from the Pittsburgh crowd).

Colts new head coach, former Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano, take the remodeled Colts to Pittsburgh in the second week of preseason, likely ushered in by rookie QB Andrew Luck - who, by all accounts, will be the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft April 26.

The Steelers will cart their first round pick, whomever that will be, out for preseason action as well. So don't let the Luck Hype fool you.

I'm still struggling to make this seem exciting.

The Steelers usually win some and lose some in the preseason, and veteran back-up QB Charlie Batch oftentimes sees extensive action, which is always a good time. It's up in the air who the Steelers' third quarterback will be this season, but recent reports have suggested Byron Leftwich is being courted by Indianapolis and Arians, probably because he's learned the offense, despite being placed on injured-reserve in both of the last two seasons.

The league only released the preseason games scheduled for primetime, and that schedule is chock-full of the kinds of match-ups that make fans excited to pay full price to watch the bottom eighth of the roster compete.

Arizona will take on New Orleans in the Hall of Fame Game Aug. 5. the Saints' first non-game game action since the suspensions of head coach Sean Payton and GM Mickey Loomis.