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Steel Curtain Radio: Episode 192 Discusses the Draft and Outlook for the Steelers in 2012

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Warning: shameless plug to follow.

Episode 192 of Steel Curtain Radio was posted last night, and joining host Lance Williams is a slew of interesting guests...and me. Mine comes around the middle somewhere, but he's got some great takes from Houston Chronicle writer Lance Zierlein and Tribune-Review writer Mark Kaboly, talking about the Steelers recent haul of draft picks.

I listened to mine briefly over a bowl of cereal this morning and remembering Bean telling me I should run links to radio appearances, so here it is. Lance caught me during my softball game, and I had just come off an inning in the field where I had to chase down six or seven line drives, so I probably sound a bit winded. Not too winded, though, to carry on an answer for a minute or two, though.

He asked a few interesting questions, ones I'd like to expound upon a bit more for future posts, but in the meantime, give it a listen at some point over the course of your work day.

One day closer to the start of the season...