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Willie Colon Moving from Right Tackle to Left Guard

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Mike Prisuta reported Wednesday afternoon Steelers OL Willie Colon will move from right tackle to left guard, a move often discussed throughout Colon’s tenure with the team.

A report indicates the Steelers notified Colon of their intentions to move him to the left guard position after the draft, when they selected Stanford OG David DeCastro in the first round.

This strongly indicates DeCastro will remain at right guard, the position he played in college.

Colon was one of the better right tackles in football before an Achilles injury and subsequent triceps injury ended his 2010 and 2011 seasons, respectively. He’s been around the game long enough to make one feel he’d be at least able to perform on a comparable level at guard as he did with tackle, provided he can get the terminology down (something no pro should struggle with).

The story now will be around who the right tackle will be; rookie Mike Adams or veteran Jonathan Scott.

Some have raised umbrage with the idea of Scott playing for the Steelers in any capacity (even some not named John Stephens), and with second-year OT Marcus Gilbert being told he would move to left tackle in 2012, it would appear Scott and Adams are now set to do battle for what will be the most talked about positional competition in training camp.

It’s very possible Scott takes the position early on account of his experience but is eventually replaced by the highly touted rookie.