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Former Steelers WR Hines Ward Exploring Broadcasting Opportunities

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Tribune-Review reporter Mark Kaboly tweeted Tuesday former Steelers receiver Hines Ward may be taking the route Jerome Bettis did in 2006.

Straight from Pittsburgh to the broadcasting booth.

While Bettis immediately signed with NBC as part of their new Sunday Night Football package after winning Super Bowl XL, Ward is still allegedly weighing his options.

Ward had been preparing himself for a second career in broadcasting. He joined Dancing with the Stars last season to help boost his cross-demographic notoriety as well. Ward's famous smile and 14 years of NFL experience will no doubt help him understand the game, but broadcasting is a completely different art.

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Bettis didn't last long, and is currently out of broadcasting entirely. Other former players have found themselves in trouble when trying to be reporters as opposed to analysts (see: Sapp, Warren v. Shockey, Jeremy).

It would be fun to see Ward on TV in whatever way we could get him, and conversations with former defensive backs (i.e. NBC's Rodney Harrison) would be entertaining to say the least. Both were voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by their colleagues at one point or another in their careers.

Maybe we could finally reach that mythical point where analysts throw down and brawl on the set.