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Steelers 2011 Highlight Video Set for July Release, Announce Larry Richert PA Announcer

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Amid the pre-screening for local media of the Steelers 2011 highlight video (titled "Heart"), the team announced the narrator for the video, KDKA radio host Larry Richert, will be the Heinz Field public address announcer as well.

It's unique in the sense that when you hear "Roethlisberger's pass is complete to Miller," it will be the same voice that melts through the Steelers' highlight videos, giving each stat announcement a feeling of importance.

Gotta love that, huh?

I'm a sucker for season highlight films. They're often over-produced and melodramatic, but over 16 games, even when communities like BTSC thirst for analysis (amateur or otherwise) and discussion over the most minute details of every play of every game, one tends to miss the forest for the trees, and forget about a lot of great things that may have happened the previous year.

Plus, I love the music typically used in these things. I know, it's borderline cheesy, but it's fun to get fired up for the regular season in July and watching these videos always does it for me.

I'm assuming any request I'd make to the team to get early access to the video would be met with no response, but I'm gonna try anyway. If that doesn't work, I'll definitely get a preview of it done in July, when it gets released.