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Ike Taylor to Mike Wallace: 'Football Doesn't Need You, You Need Football'

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Tribune-Review reporter Mark Kaboly transcribed a bit of Steelers CB Ike Taylor's appearance on TribLive Radio, and it will very likely be the talking point for the rest of this session OTAs.

Taylor spent the weekend in Las Vegas with his teammate, WR Mike Wallace, and Taylor said Wallace is frustrated with his contract situation. What he also said was much more newsworthy.

Mike feels like he outperformed his last contract. But he's dealing with a monster, and that's the Pittsburgh Steelers ... they are not going to let you dictate to them on how you feel.

If those were his exact words, that couldn't have gone over too well. Taylor's seen it, though, and he's been through it. As one of the select few to get two long-term extensions out of the Steelers, Taylor has been on both sides - wanting to get paid, and watching his teammates who want to get paid.

Perhaps playing the part of the reasonable teammate, Kaboly paraphrased Taylor:

Taylor said he told Wallace he would like to see him show up at the practice facility mostly because new offensive coordinator Todd Haley's system is being installed.

More than anything, though, he bestowed this sage-like advice on the frustrated but productive receiver.

"Mike is going to be a Pittsburgh Steeler for years to come," Taylor said. "(But I told him), at the end of the day: Football doesn't need you; you need football."

One could infer from Taylor's comments he heard something from Wallace that suggests he'll eventually end his feudin' and a fussin' with the team and sign a long-term deal. Or maybe he's just being optimistic both sides will eventually see the light and get something done.

Either way, it's the only real contact - indirect or otherwise - Wallace has made with the outside world since talks allegedly broke down in April. And it sounds just as Taylor described Wallace's current state of mind - frustrating.