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UDFA QB Alex Tanney Leaves Steelers for Buffalo

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Chuck Finder of CBS Sports reported Friday morning undrafted free agent QB Alex Tanney has left the Steelers, opting to go through rookie minicamp with the Buffalo Bills instead.

Finder wrote Tanney, a Monmouth product, went to Buffalo due to the fact the Steelers brought in Oregon QB Darron Thomas, and apparently, didn’t want to compete against him.

Thomas is in the athletic mold the Steelers seem to like in their project back-up quarterbacks. Another Oregon product, Dennis Dixon, served as the Steelers back-up until he became a free agent in 2012.

Dixon has not yet signed anywhere else, and has previously made mention of wanting to go somewhere he could compete for a starting job either now or in the future.

The Steelers also signed former Ravens quarterback Troy Smith to a futures contract this off-season. Both of whom can claim their mobility and athleticism as their biggest strengths.

Adding Thomas in the fold, Tanney must not have seen the Steelers as the best option for him to catch on to either the practice squad or the 53-man roster.

Looks like we won't see the "Trick Shot QB" in black and gold after all.