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Kirby Wilson's Return to the Field Marks Amazing Comeback

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Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson worked Friday's rookie minicamp - his first coaching action since being burned in a house fire in January.

His return to the field is nothing short of amazing, so much so, even rookie RB Chris Rainey was impressed.

According to WPXI, Rainey went out of his way to note his admiration:

"I told him, ‘God bless you that you're still here and I'm praying for you,'" Rainey said. "He's glad to be back and he's just ready to work and I'm right with him."

Wilson would have to have others speak to the media for him, as assistant coaches were not made available for interviews during the minicamp. Rest assured, plenty will be all over him when he is able to speak.

Obviously carried in high regard around the Steelers' South Side facility, Wilson returns to a job in which he's clearly had a high level of success. With several talented players having big years in Pittsburgh, this looks to be RB Isaac Redman's year to join those ranks.

Wilson's running backs have to be savoring the revamped offensive line as well, bringing back shades of the days when the Steelers were a 2,000 yard rushing team.