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Report: Steelers and Jets Were Going to Trade 1st Round Picks

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I'm sure many laughed as hard as I did upon listening to ESPN's Adam Schefter list Seahawks first round pick Bruce Irvin's rap sheet.

Also, like many others, I had no idea the Seahawks taking the gamble on the West Virginia defensive end would ultimately mean the Steelers would land their No. 1 target without having to sacrifice any picks.

If Irvin wasn't drafted there, according to reporter Jason La Canfora, the Jets and Steelers would have swapped first round picks (Nos. 16 and 24), and the Steelers would have selected Stanford OG David DeCastro.

Seemed to work out well for the Steelers.

La Canfora tweeted Monday the Steelers and Jets had a deal in place, with the Jets' priorities being either North Carolina DE Quinton Coples, or Irvin.

The trade was all set, until the Seahawks unexpectedly took Irvin. The Jets, deciding not to risk losing both of the guys they wanted, called the trade off and selected Coples.

DeCastro managed to fall to No. 24, and the trade worked out...but without the trade.

And all because of the Seattle Seahawks.

So here's a big, XL-sized thank you to Seattle.

(nod to Bleacher Report's Sigmund Bloom for information used in this column)