Favorite Non-Steeler players

Least favorite non-Steeler players will come not long after this...

Larry Fitzgerald: Great player who never whines and is all business off the field. Class act off the field as well.
Matt Ryan: Quickly took this cat and the Falcons under my wing once QB Dog Killer and Bobby Petrino left the team (more on QB Dog Killer later). 'Matty Ice' will only get better having another great big target in Julio Jones to throw to.
Terrell Suggs: I know I'll get no backing from my fellow Steeler fans on this one, but this guy makes me laugh and he hates that team in New England as much as I do. If he were a Steeler, no doubt Steeler fans would love him.
Ray Lewis: Yes... another Raven. Misunderstood by some off the field due to murder charges brought against him many moons ago. One of the most intimidating/best linebackers to EVER play the game in any era.
Aaron Rodgers: He'll have to stop killing the Steelers (especially in Super Bowls) or else he might make it on that "other list. But seriously, after all the Brett Favre drama and the way this cat handled himself through all of it, I can't help but pull for him to do well.
Eli Manning: I'm not a huge Giants fan, but anybody who is the QB of a team that beats New England twice in the Super Bowl is A-OK in my book.
Darren McFadden: Goes all the way back to his college days...
LeSean McCoy: Can't stand the Eagles, but this guy is the exception.
NaVorro Bowman: Still not happy that the Steelers didn't draft him in 2010. Am glad to see he's finding success with the 49ers even though he should be finding it in Pittsburgh.
Josh Freeman: Love this guy's rocket arm. Horrible 2011 for him and the Bucs after a surprise 2010. I hope he and the Bucs bounce back big this year.
Brian Orakpo: Funny commercials with the caveman don't hurt lol and neither does his on the field play.

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