2012 Steelers Games I want the team to win from most to least

Or if you want to read it like games I'd hate them to lose most to least, you're free to read it that way also. Don't worry, I understand every fan as well as the team wants to win all 16, myself included, this is just more to make conversation if I had to rank them from 1-16, this is how I'd do it...

1) Week 11 vs. Baltimore
The Ravens got the sweep of the Steelers a year ago. Since this happens to be the first game against them during 2012, and especially since it's at home, I put this one at the very top of my list of games I most want the team to win.

2) Week 5 vs. Philadelphia
The biggest P.O.S. in the NFL is the Eagles QB while DeDouche Jackson lines up for them at one of their WR spots. Do I need to go any further? Plus we need to put the Bridesmaids of the NFL in the state of Pennsylvania in their rightful places... which is well below the Steelers. This most likely won't rank nearly as high on the lists of most Steeler fans, but between QB Dog Killer, DeDouche and Eagle fans, pardon me if I have this one pretty darn high!

3) Week 13 at Baltimore
I could have easily ranked this one #2 only because it's the second game with the Ravens as opposed to the first one, but I wanted to mix it up a bit. Plus with the P.O.S. dog killer and DeDouche on Philly, it wasn't that hard to place that game in the number two position. I fully understand if this game and the home Raven game would be 1-2 on your list though.

4) Week 7 at Cincinnati
True... they no longer have Chad OchoStinko as the face of their franchise which is a plus in my book. However, when this team has anything even resembling any sort of success, their fans are quite unbearable to deal with. They couldn't shut up before the start of the 2010 season after the fluke 2009 the Bengals had.

5) Week 1 vs. Denver
I don't have a real problem with Peyton Manning and hope he has a successful return to the field, but only after the first game of the season. While the loss in the 1997 AFC Championship Game at Three Rivers when Kordell Stewart was the Steelers QB and John Elway was of course Denver's QB at that time is now basically made up for with the win in Denver during the AFC Championship Game in January of 2006, there is now last year's wild-card playoff game to make amends for even though I'm partially glad the Steelers lost. Reason I say that is because even had they come back to win in Denver, a banged up Pittsburgh team would have gotten crushed by the Cheatriots in Foxboro the following week.

6) Week 16 vs. Cincinnati
See explanation at #4.

7) Week 14 vs. San Diego
Only because I don't really care too much for Philip Rivers. Charger fans can also take some pride if a loss to the Steelers does indeed take place. It could get them a step closer to having both Norv Turner and A.J. Smith fired. San Diego did beat the Steelers at Three Rivers during their run to Super Bowl XXIX, but the Steelers got revenge recently with the 35-24 win in the 2008-2009 divisional round en route to the Super Bowl XLIII title and also the only 11-10 game in NFL history during that regular season.

8) Week 12 at Cleveland
Brownie fans would essentially be a lot like Cincinnati fans if their team had some semblance of success. True, the team has mostly been irrelevant since being reborn again back in 1999 with only one playoff appearance in 2002 and then one close call in I want to say 2007 when Derek Anderson had his one shining moment in the NFL but they lost the tiebreaker to Tennessee which caused them to miss the playoffs. The bit about the fans and the fact that it would be considered total humiliation to lose to them gets them at #8.

9) Week 2 vs. New York Jets
Even though Mark Sanchez will most likely still be the starting QB for the Jets at least at this point in the season, the fact that the Jets traded for Tim Tebow is enough to get them the #9 spot on this list. Big reason they aren't higher is because they lost to the Steelers not only in the 2010 AFC Championship Game, but also in the 2004-2005 divisional round. Had the Jets won the AFC Championship Game in 2010, they'd be MUCH higher.

10) Week 6 vs. Tennessee
I'd have ranked this game higher if the Titans and Steelers were still huge division rivals and/or if Cortland Finnegan were still with Tennessee. Finnegan left to join the Rams though and while I know there is still some bad blood between the two franchises and all, the Titans have been cursed ever since LenDale White was caught stomping on a "Terrible Towel" (it wasn't the real version) while the Steelers won the Super Bowl that very same year and appeared in another two years later. If people rank this game higher than me because of past bad blood between the two franchises, I completely understand. But without Cortland Finnegan around and the Titans no longer true division rivals, the game won't bring out the worst in me anymore.

11) Week 3 at Oakland
The only real reason I rank this one higher than the games with the Giants and Cowboys is because the Raiders also play in the AFC. Here's another one I'd understand if others ranked higher than I did, especially the older generation fans due to the big rivalry back in the 1970s between the two franchises. The history between the two teams of late hasn't been nearly as extensive, but I know Richard Seymour laying Ben Roethlisberger out in 2010 will most likely put this higher on some newer generation fans' list than it does mine. Only reason it's not higher on my list is because what have the Raiders done since losing to Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl about 10 years ago? Exactly... nothing.

12) Week 9 at New York Giants
This game features two franchises that have won four of the last seven Super Bowl championships (Steelers in 2005-2006 and 2008-2009, Giants in 2007-2008 and then last season). Due to that, I'd fully understand if some wanted to rank this one higher also. Only reason it ranks this low on my list is because I don't hate the Giants and because it's an out of conference game.

13) Week 15 at Dallas
If there is one game I know for a fact that most Steeler fans would rank higher on the list of games they would most want the team to win in 2012, a game with the Cowboys would be it. If I were an older generation Steeler fan when the Steelers and Cowboys slugged it out for a couple Super Bowls in the 1970s or wasn't too busy focusing my hate on Neil O'Donnell for the loss in Super Bowl XXX to Dallas, I could easily see myself ranking this game higher. But because neither is the case, I don't have the hate for the Cowboys most Steeler fans and really fans of any team in general not named the Cowboys have for the franchise. Part of that could be because the Cowboys have only won two playoff games in total since the Super Bowl XXX win.

14) Week 17 vs. Cleveland
The Browns would be higher if they weren't mostly irrelevant since their rebirth since they are an AFC North rival, but when you suck as badly as they have for the most part since the start of the Super Bowl era, my hate for them isn't as high as maybe it should be. If they do have a spurt of success at some point though, I imagine I'll begin to hate them a lot more. They have been tough on the Steelers in Pittsburgh the last couple years, I'll give em that.

15) Week 10 vs. Kansas City
At this point, it's between only two games. While I would probably tell you I dislike the Redskins more than the Chiefs, the Chiefs are in the AFC while the Redskins are not. That keeps the Chiefs game from ranking last on my list.

16) Week 8 vs. Washington
Someone has to be last, right? Washington is one of my least favorite NFL teams after the obvious five (New England, Philadelphia and the rest of the AFC North), but I can't rank them any higher than this because they're an NFC team and also because they have only given me reason to laugh at them ever since Daniel Snyder became their owner. That could change over time with Robert Griffin III.

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