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Antonio Brown's Catch or Troy Polamalu's Strip Sack, Which Was More Exciting

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I'm at a wedding this weekend in Eagles Country, and outside of a few playful barbs with fans of the Eastern Pa. teams, it's been pretty mellow.

I think, now that they've discovered my presence as a Steelers fan, they're going to come at me a bit more aggressively tonight. It began late Friday, when a quick highlight of the Steelers in 2011 came on the TV. I cheered, and heard a boo or two.

Not a big deal, but one way or another, the conversation came around to which team was more exciting, the Steelers or the Eagles.

Yes, I'm now dumber for having that conversation, but the two main points I used (out of hundreds) was Antonio Brown's catch against Baltimore in the 2010 playoffs.

It doesn't get much more dramatic than that, as far as timing and weight of the game being played.

However, another one was just as critical and just as surprising (like most things this man does).

Troy Polamalu's sudden strip-sack of Ravens QB Joe Flacco (who had no chance on the play), and LaMarr Woodley's subsequent recovery to set up the game-winning touchdown was every bit as exciting.

The Eagles fan threw out DeSean Jackson's punt return to defeat the Giants (gotta give him that), but seemed to struggle to come up with another one. I'm sure there is one, I just don't know what it is.

I feel I won the argument. He may come back at me tonight, I'm not sure.

In the meantime, which of these two plays do you feel was more exciting? I feel some kind of tournament coming on.