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Steelers Highlights: Troy Polamalu's Interception vs. Chargers or LaMarr Woodley's Six vs. Vikings

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Steelers highlights involving Troy Polamalu are plentiful. That's why it's hard to stop after posting just one of them.

Maybe we will make some kind of tournament out of this. For now, though, we have two more for comparison's sake, both on the defensive side of the ball. One scores six, the other was the signature play in one of the best all around defensive performances is memory.

Polamalu's Other World Interception

Of the short list of greatest plays I've ever seen live, none is even close to Polamalu's diving/sliding interception of a tipped Phillip Rivers pass against San Diego in Pittsburgh in 2008.

A brief snowstorm blew through the area before the game started, leaving the field wet and slick. It didn't seem like many players were moving all that well. Except Polamalu.

Ike Taylor makes a great play on the ball, which was delivered perfectly by Rivers. Taylor popped it up, Polamalu sees the play as it unfolded the whole way, extends, and gets one hand underneath it, rolls over and secures the catch.

I don't care who you are or which team you root for, if you aren't walking away from this highlight saying "wow," you don't love the game of football.

Woodley Takes Matters Into His Own Hands (Feet)

The Minnesota Vikings were a very good football team in 2009. They had an incredibly difficult match-up in traveling to take on the underachieving Steelers, but nearly managed to pull the game out. The Vikings defense did the job, but its offense, balanced and potent that season, couldn't get blocks when it counted.

In particular, they couldn't contain Steelers OLB LaMarr Woodley, who busted in to force a Brett Favre fumble, recover it and take it back 91 yards for a touchdown.

My favorite part of this was a text I got from a buddy of mine who is the head coach of a suburban high school football team in Minneapolis and a big Vikings fan. "It hurt to see Woodley take that back, but seeing the wall of defensive players blocking down field did my heart a lot of good."

Which one has your vote?