Once again, Warren Sapp dogs the Stillers...

Will this guy ever learn?

Best team in the AFC from

The Steelers will not make the playoffs this year (2012).

He picks the Texans as the best team in the AFC,

They got to the second round of the playoffs WITHOUT their quarterback!!

and chickens out from backing the Ravens...

You lose the (DPOY) and just expect to plug anybody in? No.

World class jackass...I mean, seriously...He was great for a couple of years. Kinda the Reggie White of DT's. Almost unblockable...Then he went to the Raiders...Yeah. Everyone needs to listen to everything that comes out of your mouth.

I don't give a damn that he hates the Steelers. I really don't. However, this guy seems to take every chance he can get to bash the team that I love best.

It's almost like he's a Dawgs By Nature member...

Poll for Schnitzengiggle.

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