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Steelers DE Ziggy Hood Workout Video Shows Impressive Explosive Athletic Ability

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For what being able to go from sitting down to leaping on top of an object standing over four feet in the air is worth, it looks like Steelers DE Ziggy Hood is ready to go this season.

Hood, a likely full-time starter as opposed to the starter-due-to-injury he's been the last two years, was filmed recently working out with Outer Limits Sports, and shows some impressive explosive power.

The question is, how can he use it on the field?

(via OuterLimitsSports)

Certainly, it's not a drill directly related to football, but that kind of power suggests ample amount of transferable physical prowess. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin looks for athleticism above anything else, and Hood's workout-warrior reputation should give Tomlin - and Steelers fans - reason to be excited for his 2012 season.

It's a big year for Hood. With his contract expiring after the 2013 season, and multiple players in line for contract extensions following this year, he looks to fit into the well-compensated "core players" group - the 11 or 12 guys a team keeps in place and around whom the team builds.

It's a young and talented defensive line, and if Hood can combine his three years of extensive experience with the athleticism he's showing, he could have a breakout year.

(Nod to Jim Wexell for catching this one)