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Giants RB Andre Brown Has Suspension Lifted, Why Not Weslye Saunders'?

CBS Sports' Alex Raskin recently reported Giants RB Andre Brown - suspended for a violation of the league's policy against performance-enhancing drugs - has been exonerated, and his four-game suspension has been lifted.

Brown told CBS Sports, via Sports Illustrated, "It was something that I've been on since I've been in the league, which was Adderall. I just forgot to fill out some paperwork and that was it."

We wrote back in February signs pointed to a drug of similar nature, and a slip-of-the-mind on the part of Steelers TE Weslye Saunders, as the reason why the Steelers second-year tight end received the same four-game suspension.

So what gives?

Of course, the league will not divulge such information (and this isn't confirming Saunders was suspended for the same reason, but both Mark Kaboly and Dejan Kovacevic of the Tribune-Review largely indicated that was the case, as we wrote in February). Brown openly admitted his mistake, being that Adderall, an ADHD medication, is an amphetamine, a drug test taken by a player who's on it will result in testing positive for a banned substance.

The protocol seems to be the player filing paperwork (likely with accompanying doctor's confirmation and/or the confirmation of a pharmacist), thus explaining the positive test before it comes back.

As we wrote, Saunders' situation appeared to be very similar in nature, if not exactly the same thing as Brown. It's a fair question to wonder what exactly Saunders would need to do in the event of his appeal, and if it's possible that appeal will result in the overturn of his suspension.

It'd be a good time for it, too. Recent reports indicate offensive coordinator Todd Haley wants to get Steelers' tight ends more involved with the offense. Saunders, the team's second-best receiving tight end behind Heath Miller, was thought highly of this offseason in terms of 2012 production before the suspension hit.

Saunders will not count against the team's 53-man roster until his suspension ends. The Steelers signed veteran TE Leonard Pope this offseason, and have moved David Johnson to fullback.