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Former Steelers WR Antwaan Randle El Analyst for Big 10 Network in 2012

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WR Antwaan Randle El always showed a level of flair and charisma that attracted attention to himself. Whether it was the demonstrative way he flails his limbs around after the play was over, or even just how he'd get the crowd excited for the impending punt return.

He's taking that charisma with him even as he leaves the football field. A story in the Northwest Indiana Times quotes the former Steelers and Redskins receiver, who recently announced his retirement, saying he will be working both as an in-game analyst and in the studio for the Big 10 Network this fall, starting with a season-opening game between his alma mater, Indiana, and Ball State.

He'll also do Redskins preseason game analysis this year.

Along with the possible career in broadcasting, Randle El says he plans to continue running the football camps his and his brother, Curtis, run, Randle El have been running while living in the Washington, D.C., area.

It wasn't as if he didn't entice any offers from any other teams. He told the paper, "I didn't want to go with the teams that were offering me, so I just said, 'It's time.' Prayed about it, God opened some other doors, and I said I'm going to go that way."

Definitely one of the most likable Steelers to come through the organization in some time, longtime fans of the team had to have gotten goosebumps on Randle El's 37-yard catch-and-run, followed by his passionate cry, seeming to implore his shellshocked teammates to get in the game.

It was the last catch he'd ever make in the NFL, and while it may not have been in an winning effort, like Santonio's catch at the pylon, it was definitely a good one for him to end on.