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2012 BTSC Steelers Flag Football Fantasy Draft: First Round, Second Pick, Troy Polamalu

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After I took QB Ben Roethlisberger with the first overall pick, Tony wastes little time in scooping up perhaps the best athlete in franchise history. He'd be an animal both offensively and defensively, and is an outstanding choice. - nc

The selection of Troy Polamalu with the second overall pick was an easy one to make. I can't believe he was still there. Sliding even one spot in the draft (even a flag football draft) is way too far for a former Defensive Player of the Year.

As a ball-hawking safety, Polamalu is absolutely ideal for flag football. I've played a ton of flag in my day, and I know that EVERY quarterback tries to chuck it deep on just about every play. Troy will certainly get his chances at picks. If Troy thinks reading a quarterback's eyes in the NFL is hard work, it'll be a piece of cake in flag--no facemasks. And since we all know how much he loves to make things happen once he has the football in his clutches, he'll certainly get many chances to show off his moves on what I'm sure will be a lot of interceptions that he takes to the house.

Speaking of those moves, since Troy loves to put on crazy moves, and since he'll have to play both ways, this will come in handy whether he's on offense or defense. Again, I've played my share of flag football, and NOBODY blocks, so he'll more than likely have to deal with many 7 on 1 situations. If anyone can do that, number 43 can.

And lastly, if all the guys go out for beer after the game (and what's the point of playing flag football if you're not going to do that?), Troy would make an ideal wing-man even though he's very happily married. Anywhere Troy Polamalu is, that's where the women will be.

First Round: Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu. Barnerburner's first round pick will be posted at 2 p.m. ET today. Look for Round 2 Tuesday.