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Troy Polamalu On Dan Patrick Show Confirms He's Lied About Concussions Received

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One thing people have to love about Steelers SS Troy Polamalu is his quiet yet brutal honesty.

This particular crowbar of truth, though, may not sit well with many.

Polamalu appeared on the Dan Patrick Show Wednesday, and spoke about head injuries, particularly, the amount of them he's had. And the estimate of the ones he lied about having.

Have you lied about having a head injury to trainers, Troy?

"Yes I have, for sure," Polamalu told Patrick. "There's so much built up about team camaraderie and sacrifice. Football is such a tough man's game. ... It would be no different than the guy who goes to the mines in West Virginia. It's that kind of commitment you need to play football."

That sacrifice and fearlessness cannot be questioned, certainly not among the long-time veterans of the league. The question is how many is too many?

According to Polamalu, he's had "eight or nine" concussions that trainers know about, and also estimates some players have had as many as "50 to 100" head injuries in their careers.

The difference really comes into whether the players are being honest or not. Without any kind of immediate test to confirm the presence of a concussion, trainers are forced to go off what the players are telling them, and clearly, Polamalu indicates the players could be honest with the trainers once out of 10 times.

Here's the video from the Dan Patrick Show.