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Steel Curtain Radio: Lance Williams Speaks with BTSC About Training Camp

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Steel Curtain Radio host Lance Williams called me up Wednesday evening to discuss training camp battles, the legacy of Joey Porter and recent comments made by Steelers SS Troy Polamalu on head injuries in the NFL.

As far as Porter goes, Williams has a great sound byte of Porter taunting the Cincinnati Bengals' "Who Dey" chant in the locker room after the 2005 playoff win (something SteelerMessican brought up in the comments of BTSC's story on Porter Wednesday).

Williams also shares his thoughts on the Max Starks signing, and how that may translate into an extension for WR Mike Wallace. Money would be freed up through the release of Jonathan Scott (something BTSC has predicted would happen at the end of training camp).

It's a valid theory, but all depends on how much money Wallace wants up front, obviously. Don't be surprised if the Starks' signing ends up being the catalyst toward a new deal for Wallace.