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2012 BTSC Steelers Flag Football Fantasy Draft: Fourth Round Results

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We're past the midway point in our seven-round Steelers Flag Football Fantasy Draft, and with it, two receivers and a linebacker fly off the board.

Neal Coolong went primarily offensive players in two of his first three picks (Ben Roethlisberger and Hines Ward in rounds 1 and 2, and Mel Blount in round 3). He sticks with the offensive mantra, and selects Lynn Swann with his 4th round pick. The decision wasn't difficult, according to him.

"Swann was someone I had my eye on in the third round. He and Hines would compliment each other well, and give us a pretty versatile primary offense. I like to think he could cover a zone as well, so I feel while this may have been a good offensive pick, he could play a little defense as well. Those combination skill players are key to this game."

Tony DeFeo scooped up Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw with his 3rd round pick, and gave him a great deep threat in WR Mike Wallace in the 4th round.

"If you're going to draft a quarterback who can stretch the field with his arm better than anyone, you better follow up by drafting a receiver who can stretch the field with his legs better than anyone. That receiver is Mike Wallace, arguably the fastest man in football today."

That's not all Wallace could do for him, though.

"On defense, Wallace will be an ideal candidate to play deep safety. With his speed, there won't be very many opposing offenses capable of taking the top off OUR defense. Plus, with a speed demon like Wallace as our last line of defense, this will free up Polamalu to do what he does best: Take risks and wreak havoc.

"Wallace was also an accomplished punt and kick returner in high school, and adding that element to our special teams will assure that opponents will have to prepare for all three phases of my squad."

Barnerburner went old school, eschewing the "mini-run" on wide receivers his opponents created in the 4th round.

"I was deciding between Timmons and Jack Ham in Round 3, and did not expect Ham to last through to my next pick. I was already second guessing my decision to go with Timmons, and had pretty much figured that the selection would tip Neal and Tony to look at linebackers that can catch and are brilliant in coverage. Since Ham's speed, quickness, and uncanny ability to diagnose plays and not get fooled by misdirection are no secret, I had all but assumed that he'd be gone. In fact, I was debating if I should finally pick up an offensive specialist, or go with Jack Lambert.

"But then a mini-run on receivers happened. And the debate stopped."

What about his current lack of receivers? Is that a concern?

"There are still plenty of excellent receiving options available, and I am not at all worried about getting shut out in that department. But there are only so many linebackers that can properly excel in coverage.

"I am all over pairing Jack Ham with Timmons up front. When they can both go sideline to sideline, both stick with a receiver up the seam, both sit in a zone and spy, and both get after the passer - you're not going to know who is going to do what on any given play.

"I'm loving the versatile, and more importantly, smart talent that I've been able to stock my defense with. And to reiterate again - I'm still not worried about not having any offensive specialists yet. I've got three more picks and there's plenty yet to choose from."

Teams Through Four Rounds:


Ben Roethlisberger

Hines Ward

Mel Blount

Lynn Swann


Troy Polamalu

Brett Keisel

Terry Bradshaw

Mike Wallace


Rod Woodson

Carnell Lake

Lawrence Timmons

Jack Ham