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Steelers Release OT Jonathan Scott

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This was the headline most of us expected to see after the Steelers picked up Max Starks earlier this week. (The announcement was just made on I presume, however, most of us didn't expect to see it quite this soon. But both from a salary cap standpoint and a playing standpoint the writing was on the wall.

Scott was picked up by the Steelers from Buffalo when they hired Offensive Line Coach Sean Kugler. Scott had been drafted by the Lions in the fifth round of the 2006 draft, and waived by Detroit at the end of training camp in 2008. Buffalo picked him up and he played there for two seasons before the Steelers signing.

Let us not say farewell to Scott, however much relief we may feel, without gratitude for what he did. Although Scott never particularly impressed, the run to Super Bowl XLV might never have happened without him. And, disappointing as the result of said Super Bowl was, the loss can't be credited to Scott, who largely played very well. Dave Bryan of Steelers Depot broke down the offensive line play for the Super Bowl snap by snap, and said of Scott

Scott...really came into his own during the playoffs...It is like a light came on for him after the regular season game against the Jets.

Bryan felt about 94% of Scott's snaps had a positive outcome, which is impressive. Unfortunately the light didn't stay on the following season, and after several weeks of Scott at LT the Steelers signed Max Starks.

I wish Mr. Scott all the best, wherever life takes him next.