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2012 BTSC Steelers Flag Football Fantasy Draft: Fifth Round Results

CANTON, OH - AUGUST 6: Fans wait to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame prior to the induction ceremony on August 6, 2011 in Canton, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
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Neal Coolong says it's time for some linemen in the Steelers Fantasy Flag Football Draft. Right before he reaches Canton this summer, Dermontti Dawson will have to participate on Team Neal as its 5th-round selection.

Coolong's reasons are based in scheme.

"Dawson was one of the best pulling centers in the NFL. Not that we plan to run outside trap a whole lot (read: never), but the quickness he showed makes him the best option for a safety value receiver and a legitimate pass rusher. As of now, no one else has anyone to match up with him."

Tony, with the second pick in round 5, goes with the man, the myth and the legend, Mr. Jack Lambert.

"Someone has to take this flag football business seriously and keep Bradshaw from hootin' and hollerin' a little bit too much. When I saw that middle linebacker Jack Lambert, maybe the most focused person to ever play in any sport, was still available in the fifth round (14th overall), I knew he would be the perfect man to fill this serious role. Lambert seems like the kind of guy who would be serious and intense while playing a game of checkers. I have no doubt that he'll be a great on-field leader and keep the rest of the boys in line and in the right positions.

"Lambert is the perfect fit for our defense because he's very rarely out of position, and his 1045 solo tackles in his 11 year NFL career tells me that he'll make going after those flags his number one priority. Speaking of those flags, it'll be interesting to see if Lambert still tries to play in the gray area and occasionally grabs a handful of flesh and draws some blood while pulling those flags.

"Lambert also had 28 career interceptions, so he'll have no problem patrolling the middle of the zone and taking away the short to intermediate passing game."

Barnerburner rounded out the 5th round with a pretty obvious and outstanding pick, John Stallworth.

"I had a feeling that there would still be very good receivers available in the later rounds, which is why I focused on a versatile defense through the first four and never blinked. But still being able to land a Hall of Fame receiver in John Stallworth, after 14 other guys had been picked? Yeah, I was a little surprised. But in no way am I complaining.

"It's not like I pulled a Steelers-circa-1974 and pretended that I was still evaluating Stallworth's tape so neither Neal nor Tony could get a hold of it and find out what he's all about. They're both older than me and certainly know what Stallworth was about better than I do. But suffice to say, things just happened to break this way and I'm ready to reap the reward."